Hello, I asked a few days ago a question about high levels of triglycerides in the case of an isolated CBAVD (congenital bilateral absence of vas deferens, heterozygous for the DF508 mutation, intermediate sweat test, chronic sinusitis). I realize that I was wrong when I mentioned a high HDL ...
Prophylactic therapy in order to avoid esophageal varices in case of portal hypertension?
Dear expert team! First of all I would like to articulate my cordial thanks and respect for everybody of the team! I am very glad, that you have such a great human commitment and answer anonymous patient questions! A short word about me: I suffer from CF, I am 26 years old and have a very ...
Hello, Can a person with CF drink alcohol? And if not why? Thank you.
Cirrhosis of the liver
Hello, My daughter has been diagnosed at the middle of december to have a very severe fibrosis of the liver with beginning cirrhosis. Is it not mandatory that she will be put on a waiting list for liver transplantation immediately? Unfortunately, the CF physician is very hesitant, which I do ...
Increased liver enzmyes
Dear expert team, at a control of a blood sample, increased liver enzymes have been detected. SGOT/AST in the serum was increased by a factor of 2 of the laboratory reference range, SGPT/ALT in the serum was increased by a factor of 3 of the laboratory reference range, ALP in the serum was ...
liver disease
Is liver disease in cystic fibrosis a biliary or thrombotic disorder?
CF related Liver disease, Lycopene and Vitamin E
Dear Expert, I'm a father to a 7years old boy with CF. Recently, a CF related Liver disease was diagnosed (by ultrasound and elevated liver enzymes in the blood). It was also discovered that his Vitamin E level is higher than normal 33mg/L. Can the high level of Vitamin E affect the Liver ...
Dear expert team, I would like to give my 5-year-old daughter, who has CF, Legalon® to support her liver. The package insert says that there are no tests for children under 12 years of age available and that one should therefore avoid the drug for them. Can I give it to my daughter? Do you have ...
Ascites puncture (paracentesis)
Dear expert team, From what point onwards can ascites puncture (paracentesis) out of therapeutic indication (rapid relief of dyspnea or abdominal pain as a result of large amounts of ascites) make sense? Is it likely that ascites will reoccur in the stomach soon? Kind regards.
can i use ursodeoxycholic acid because my SGPT is 73 with out any liver disease, & viral markers is also negative, kindly advice me suitable for i am doing my SGPT is normal.