Severity of CF
If CF related liver disease or CF related diabetes occur at an early age (i.e. before the age of 4) does that influence survival?
Fatty liver
Hello, Today, my daughter (will be 3 years on July 7, 2011) [question was asked in June 2011] and I went to her annual check-up. She has CF (del508). The gastroenterologist was quite satisfied, the pankreas was inconspicuous, although she has a pancreatic insufficiency and needs kreon. ...
Mycobacterium abscessus and impaired function of the liver
My 24-year old female patient has a colonization of the airways with M. abscessus for 9 months. There are hints for an infection of the lung with M. abscessus (decrease of FEV1, infiltrations, cultural and microscopical detection of the germ in the bronchial secretions and bronchoalveolar lavage). ...
elevated aminotransferases
Hello, My son is 16-month-old, we have just undergone routine follow-up tests, which revealed elevated aminotransferases. The doctors say, that it requires just observation, they do not change the therapeutic regimen, but I do worry about it - what does it possibly mean to him? We have to perform ...
Fat and liver
My daughter is 4 years old and should take in additional fat with the food (butter, olive oil). At the moment, there is the suspicion that there is a change of the liver (outer form) and she gets tablets, which should accelerate the excretion of fat. For me this is a total contradiction, or not?
Liver disorders
I often hear about liver disorders in cystic fibrosis. What is this and how do they occur ?
Fibroscan exams
Hello, is there any experience with FibroscanĀ® liver exams in Cystic Fibrosis?
Stones in the liver II
Dear Prof. Dr. Bargon! Many thanks for your extended answer. Only 2 things are not clear to me: 1. The by you mentioned drug "ursodeoxycolic acid" should only be used with a totally intact gall bladder. Mine has been taken away however in 1999. 2. Is it possible - as far as I am allowed to ...
Stones in the liver
Dear expert team, 1999 my gall-bladder has been removed. Otherwise my liver was ok. From 1999 to 2001 I got very high cortisone dosages (up to 60 mg), as a ulcerative colitis was suspected. 2001 I had an operation, in which 25 cm of the large bowel were removed. It was not an ulcerative colitis. ...
damaged liver can be repaired
I have a boy aged 7 years, diagnosed with CF at the age of 2 months .One year ago he was diagnosed with multifocal biliary cirrhosis, I was told that is the consequence of disease. To understand that all those with CF sooner or later will get cirrhosis, diabetes ...? I saw the final stage of ...