Indication of ursodeoxycholic acid
Dear team, Is ursodeoxycholic acid prescribed in CF even if the liver value SGGT is always very good (9), while other liver values are slightly higher than usual since months? SGOT 41 (-35 norm), SGPT 48 (-45 norm), ALKP 140 (53 – 128 norm according to laboratory). Apart from that my ...
Elevation of liver enzymes
Dear expert team, Because of partly increased liver enzymes (AP / GGT) I get the drug ursodeoxycholic acid 400mg. The results for ALAT and ASAT are in the normal range. What does the intake of this drug effect? Do the liver enzymes return to normal range? Should probably a biopsy of the ...
Removal of the gallbladder= prevention of liver cirrhosis?
Dear expertteam, I was wondering about my liver cirrhosis. I was told once, that - when suffering from CF - the reason for a liver cirrhosis could be the gallbladder among ohter reasons. In other words: the bile because this fluid can not flow off due to mucus in the bile duct. This congestion is ...