Hello, I heard about serrapeptase which could be effective for the symptoms of cystic fibrosis. I would like to have some information about this enzyme: could it improve the everyday life of my 3-year-old CF daughter? Has this enzyme got any side effects? Is it an interesting way for the treatment ...
Colloidal silver
Can colloidal silver be taken for fighting bacteria in case of CF and can it also be inhaled? Is there any recent research?
Phage therapy
Ten years ago I have already sent a question to Vaincre la mucoviscidose (French CF patient organization) concerning the subject without a really satisfactory answer. While antibiotic resistance is becoming a social problem why isn't the use of phage therapy further developed, even if the results ...
Homeopathic tinctures
Dear expert team! I give my daughter (16 years old, CF) again and again the Marian thistle tincture from the company Sagrusan (, according to the motto "if it does not help it can at least not harm!" Now, however, I am not sure anymore, as those tinctures, like nearly all ...
Manuka Honey
I have read a paper explaining that Manuka honey could not work in CF patients because it can not be inhaled and when taken orally, it would not reach the lung. I am not scientist, hence perpaps this is a silly question, but why can manuka honey not reach the lung when taken orally, but oral ...
Dear expert team, I am a female CF patient (adult age over 40). Does an autohemotherapy help to minimize infections? I have read that the own blood is regarded as "foreign" by the body after the stay outside the body and so an immunoreaction of the body is initiated respectively its own immune ...
Colloidal silver
Dear expert team, can colloidal silver be used in case of CF for prophylaxis of flu-like infections? The germ-killing effect has indeed often been investigated. As being a person without CF I have personally made good experiences. Now, my girl-friend (CF Patient) would like to try it also, ...
colloidal silver
Hello We learned that colloidal silver is highly effective against bacteria and viruses, in the environment and also as remedy for infections. What do you think? Is there any research performed on that topic? Why does nobody talk about the colloidal silver, sometimes considered ...
Horvi therapy
Can a therapy with Horvi snake poison enzymes positively influence the illness of CF concerning chronic inflammatory parameters, susceptibility for infections and the further course of the illness? Many thanks for your answer!
nutritional supplements
I have a grandson 8 years with cystic fibrosis. When it prevail problems with the pancreas. Would it just be given a dietary supplement okra pepsin Eze [ment here the herbal preparation Okra Pepsin E3] for clearing the accumulated mucus? Thank you.
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