Alternative medicine
Hello, I am a CF patient of 26 years, and I often ask myself about the benefits that could bring homeopathy herb therapy, aromatherapy ... What I call "alternative medicine". In the treatment of CF, I deplore the fact that one focuses almost exclusively to treatment with traditional drugs. Far ...
Aromatherapy: thesis about cleaning air with essential oils
Hello, I just wanted to bring your attention to this thesis from the poytechnical university of Lausanne in Switzerland from 2005: INDOOR AIR PURIFICATION AND VENTILATION SYSTEMS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS. When will medical CF teams ...
Hello, I heard about Mucolyplex® which would be able to decrease mucus production. Could you speak about this treatment ? Is it effective? Is it available ? Thank you
Common ivy
Hello, I have read that «common ivy» is beneficial for the treatment of bronchial inflammation, chronic bronchitis and that it favours the elimination of mucus. Can you tell me if research has been done concerning the efficacy of «common ivy» in cystic fibrosis ? Thank you in advance for ...
Is it correct that lungwort or marshmallow has positive effects on phlegm in case of cf?
Effective mircoorganisms (EM)
Dear expert team, We would like to use effective microorganisms (EM) in our house (e.g. for cleaning). We are wondering whether the bacteria contained in them constitute a risk for individuals with CF. Otherwise, the reports are generally positive. We are looking forward to your ...
Dear expert team, I would like to give my 5-year-old daughter, who has CF, Legalon® to support her liver. The package insert says that there are no tests for children under 12 years of age available and that one should therefore avoid the drug for them. Can I give it to my daughter? Do you have ...
What is the effect of Manuka-honey?
Is there any effect of Manuka-honey? I have read that some CF patients eat Manuka-honey...I have read this in connection with MRSA, according to another forum, the quite expensive honey is supposed to alleviate digestive problems. Could you say something about the possible mode of action? Is ...
Is anything known about CF and increasing the immunity with homeopathic medicines or vitamins, minerals, amino acids or trace elements? Or is there any information about non registered medicines that is of importance?
Use of propolis instead of antibiotics with CF
Propolis is a resin-like mass with antibiotic, antiviral, and antimyotic effects produced by bees. The bees produce the substance in order to keep the beehive free of germs. There are two options to use this in diseases of the respiratory tracts: 1. The air from the beehives is sucked off and can ...
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