Hello, Friends recommended me "Orthomol immun®" for strenghtening the immune system. Is this product an alternative to vitamin products? Or can it be taken in addition to these? I know that it is pretty expensive but if it helps…
Is the mucolytic Guaifenesin effective in CF?
Is the mucolytic Guaifenesin effective in CF?
Essential oils
Hello, we have just received an essential oil diffuser for Christmas. Our baby has cystic fibrosis, do you think we can use it. Could this be irritating?
Is detoxification suitable for children with CF?
ozon - accupuncture
I hear everyday about these two methods? Can they offer/complement anything to the treatment of a patient with CF?
Homeopathy and CF
Would homeopathy be of any help for the improvement of the life of a baby with CF? Can it bring any good to the pulmonary system and the pancreas? Or can it fight pseudomonas? Is it worth it to use it in parallel?
Tyloxapol/ Tacholiquin® 0.1%
Dear experts, do you have any experience with tyloxapol (trade name Tacholiquin® 0.1% solution) in cystic fibrosis (CF)? After inhalation, the solution is supposed to loosen the mucus in a physical way so that coughing will become easier. Can this agent be recommended for CF individuals or are ...
Grape seed oil
Have you heard about the potential effect of grape seed oil against pseudomonas?
Clinical trial in aromatherapy
Thank you Madame Ronayette for your answer, which raises another one: why the topic of aromatherapy is not currently investigated in clinical research? (I think including massage application, in addition to conventional treatment)? Does medical education in France today includes sessions on this ...
Could aromatherapy be beneficial in the fight against bacteria (Pseudomonas and staphyloccus for example)?
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