Orthodox medicine /natural medicine
Dear expert team, I have heard that one can combine orthodox medicine very well with natural medicine in CF, e.g. tea, acupuncture, massages, and other. Is that right?
Research results
Dear expert team, I have read on an internet side about CF, that there is some research going on with an ingredient of curry, which is thought to have a positive effect when having del508 mutation. As my son (8 months) has this mutation, I am now interested how hopeful this report is respectively ...
Hello, I recently read about the positive effects of probiotics. A Russian researcher wrote about their positive effects on the immune system. I wanted to ask about probiotics and CF. Can one take probiotics for an extended period of time during the winter months? Is it advisable to take ...
Padma Basic, Neoglandyna Omega 6
What do you think of giving to a CF patient such preparations like Padma Basic, Neoglandyna Omega 6? How could they influence the health status of this patient?
Does taking turmeric help, and how much of it does one have to take?
Ribomunyl gra
Hi, does a justification exist for treatment of an infant (20months) by ribomunyl in order to support his immunity? Thank you for your reply.
Experience with treatment in China?
Dear expert team members, I believe that your experiences could help me to choose the right sources of information. Have you ever heard something interesting about Chinese medicin methods particularly physiotherapy methods focused on CF patients? Could you recomend any realated information ...
Mustard-oil as acitve agent in Cystic Fibrosis
Hello, I have another question that is important to me. The institute for environmental medicine and hospital sanitation (university hospital Freiburg, Germany) made a study about bacteria (among others Pseudomonas) and a drug with mustard oil as acitve agent with good results ("the trade ...
Vital fungi – Reishi
Hello, can you tell me something about vital fungi in the therapy of CF? I am suffering from CF and have tried some month ago some so called vital fungi in the form of fungus- powder tablets. The Reishi fungus showed the best effect. I had the impression to breathe more easily and to sleep more ...
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