Weight after operation
Dear expert team, the question about gaining weight after lung transplantation, I find it very interesting. Could it also be that after the operation the energy turnover increased? I have a similar problem. I had an operation of the abdomen (appendix), a bit more complicated, the operation took ...
Weight gain after lung transplantation
Dear expert team, I am in the meantime a CF patient who has been double-lung transplanted for one year now at the age of 24 years. I am doing very well. However I have a problem in gaining weight since the lung-Tx operation. I am 176cm tall and weigh 53kg. Daily calory intake about 3000 - 5000 ...
Pancreas tranplantation
Because of the important part of pancreas in the disease, why do not transplant this organ?
Can a cystic fibrosis patient give his organs for transplantation ?
I would like to know if a cystic fibrosis patient can give his organs ? I imagine the answer is no, because no one would like to receive organs with such a disease, but perhaps some organs less injured by CF could be given to save the life of someone. Is it possible for a cystic fibrosis patient ...
Transmission of fungi
I Would like to know if two CF transplanted patients could be girl and boy friends even if one takes a treatment against fungi and the other no.
Lung transplant
If a patient undergoes lung transplant do these lungs stay clear of CF? Or is there in the long term also building up of sticky secretions?
Lactose intolerance 2
Dear Dr. Posselt, I thank you very much for your extended answer. Now I can probably better understand why my test results have been negative. Of course I have to take many drugs against an organ-rejection. Also the intake of antibiotics, especially Ciprofloxacin, is frequent, in case an ...
Dear expert team, I suffer from CF, am 32 years old and have had a transplant of the lungs and liver nearly 3 years ago. I am doing very fine and I can follow my former full-time job again for 2 years now. However, I have an unpleasant problem. Since my transplant surgery I do not tolerate milk ...
Lung transplant
Is lung transplant the definitive solution for this disease?
Which sport?
Dear expert team, I (19 years old, male) am a transplant and CF patient and feel quite well. Since I have repeatedly had sprained and torn ligaments in my feet, I am looking for a sport that is suited for me. Football and tennis would be fun for me, but they do not seem possible. What would you ...
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