Side effects of Quinsair® (levofloxacin)
Hello, I (CF patient) have had very unpleasant side effects when using levofloxacin orally. Because of the recommendation of my physician I took it in spite of this for several days, with the result, that the moderate side effects turned to be very strong when taking it again (the foot was ...
Hello, could I get some information about Quinsair® (inhalation of levofloxacin)? Since when it is on the market, how, where and when is can/should be used? Best regards,
Hello, My 5-year-old CF daughter has very big coughing fits when she wakes up and the rest of the day she does not almost cough. Her mattress is lifted, the physio says that it is very high (not down in lungs) and her bacteriological exam is negative. Do we have to establish particular ...
Cayston® and Pregnancy
Hello, Have we got data regarding Cayston® and pregnancy? Especially during the 1st 4 months? Thank you
Hello, I wanted to know the minimum interval for colobreathe? In my case, there is once a day or do I do it every 10h? Cordially
Frequency of care outside infection phases
Hello, I am contacting you to compare practice in France and in the Czech Republic concerning the frequency of care, especially nasal aspiration. We live in the Czech Rep. and our 5-week-old baby was diagnosed to suffer from CF. We have 3 sessions per day (breathing physiotherapy, inhalation and ...
Sterililzing with vaporiser: new study
A friend of mine wrote recently to the author of a study in Austria, in order for ask her about the security of a certain, very popular vaporiser (Mamajoo with drying function). The lady answered firstly, that the Mamajoo had been tested and was a hatchery for germs (via the drying function the ...
Inhalation of antibiotics during i.v. therapy
Hello, is it correct not to inhale antibiotics during an i.v. therapy (tobramycin and meropenem) in order not to damage too much the organs (kidneys etc.)? I am a bit sceptical, to inhale at least for 14 days only twice a day with hypertonic saline 6% and once a day with DNAse. I would be ...
Hypertonic saline and NaCl
Hello, I came across the following article via the internet... [article in German] What do you think about the statement concerning the assumed ineffecitveness of hypertonic saline and NaCl inhalation in case of CF children? Best regards!
Aerosol of physiological saline solution
Hello, Our son, aged 14 months, has never productive cough. He does 3 physio sessions per week during which he never spits anything. Is it useful to try saline aerosol before the physio sessions to fluidize the suputum? Thank you
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