Fracture of the humerus with osteoporosis (lung transplanted)
[11.01.16 - addendum: on request we got the information: "Dear expert team, I am 51 years old and suffer from CF. Many tanks for the answer to my question. Regards, R. ] Dear expert team, 12 weeks ago, I got an subcapital fracture of the humerus. Now the radiologist stated, that I have a ...
Popping in the knee
Hello, Since a few years I (28, CF) have sometimes more, sometimes less problems with joint pain, especially in the knee. My CF doctor does not see any need for action. About 1,5 months ago the left knee started suddenly to make a popping sound whenever I stretched it and it still does since ...
Urinary incontinence
CF women and CF girls present, with a higher frequency than in the general population, urinary incontinence during exercise. Why? What can we do? Are any cases of urinary incontinence reported among CF young girls? Thank you in advance for your response on this subject little discussed.
Suggested sunken chest in case of a child with CF
Dear expert team, our daughter (6-years old), CF, has a slight deformation of the chest. At the last visit in the CF center, the physician in charge spoke about a suggested sunken chest. He said, that one could not do anything against it at the moment, that however, if it would disturb her when ...
Blood pressure
Hello dear expert team! I am taking the drung Candesartan plus for 10 years now. 2014 I have lost my conscious for 2 times, many investigations did really not bring results. Only a suspicon for a vasovagal syncope. My blood pressure is now without a drug too high in the day mean, unfortunately ...
cystic fibrosis and celiac disease
Hello, I was diagnosed to have celiac disease, I have no particular symptoms and I would like to know the benefit / risk of a strict gluten diet in relation to CF? What are the risks of not permanently being absent from gluten?
Vitamins and nutritional supplement
Hello, our child tends to an ADHD like behaviour. Often exceedingly restless, impatient etc., in many questionnaires about ADHD a diagnose has been assured. We have been at two specialists, one diagnosed undoubtly an ADHD, the other disclaimed... Because of the illness of CF I prefer the ...
nasal polyposis
My 15-year-old son presents a worsening of his polyposis. He's treated by rh-DNAse via mask for his chronic sinusitis, tobramycin inhalation and colimycine inhalation in alternation one every 2 months because of a chronic colonization of Pseudomonas and azithromycin and nasal cortisone ...
Grommets (tympanic tubes) in case of CF
Hello Dr. Mainz, 3 months ago, grommets have been placed in both ears of our son, as he had an impairment of hearing. As one of those grommets got out of place now, another one should be placed in 2 weeks. We read your answer that tympanic tubes are not favorable in case of CF. What should we do ...
Grommets (tympanic tubes) yes or no?
Hello, Our 4-year-old daughter suffers from CF! She has an impairment of hearing caused by mucus behind the ear (probably due to a precedent otitis media)! At first, we were told to wait and have a control after 3 months, if the finding will not improve: grommets…. Now we have 2 opinions, ...
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