Causes of hair loss
Dear expert team, Since an exacerbation at the end of March 2012, which was probably caused by ABPA, I (25, female, CF) have to take several additional drugs. Around May 2012 I noticed that I am losing decidedly more hair than earlier. I initially blamed the itraconazole I had started taking, ...
Voice hoarseness
My child is 3 years old and suffers from CF. For a long time there is a hoarseness in his voice. Does it have anything to do with CF? I blame it on the Airway clearance therapy, or to the fact that he screams a lot. I would like your opinion.
Immune system and CF
Hello, in another answer you are writing about "hints from research that confirm a dysfunction of the immune system in CF". What does that mean and which new approaches result from this? Regards, [Comment by ECORN-CF team: This question refers to another question "Flu vaccine as nasal ...
Nasal irrigation
Do CF patients still have to use sterile salt water for nasal irrigation? After all, if we boil water for this, it has to cool down for at least 20 minutes; but during this time germs will form again!?!
I would like to understand and know why I have freuqently vaginal yeast infections or a lot of vaginal discharge. Is it due to cystic fibrosis ? If yes why and how to avoid it. When I take antibiotics it happens to me, but right now this is not the case. Thank you in advance. Sincerely,
Dear expert team, Due to rhizarthrosis on the left and right side with severe pain and limited in movement, I am supposed to present to a hand surgeon. Previous treatments: brace for immobilization, cast for three weeks (Jan 2012), injections (local anaesthetic), pain therapy: ...
chronic fatique
Hello, I'm 34 and I have cystic fibrosis, with a FEV1 of about 40%. I sleep at least 10 hours a night and I often need to recover in the day also. So I spend several days a week to sleep. Fatigue is mutli-factorial and complex, but I wonder if those adults with cystic fibrosis suffer from it often ...
Keratoconjunctivitis (sicca)
Dear expert team, I would like to ask you whether there are any treatment options concerning the above diagnosis. I.e., are CF clinics specialized on giving advice? I really suffer from this sicca syndrome (CF patient, 45 years old). I have already tried a lot of different eye drops. My ...
Tonsils and adenoids
Dear doctor, Should the tonsils and adenoids be removed in a child with CF? Is there an increased risk of complications or loss of immunity? We would like your opinion on the need to remove or not remove tonsils and adenoids in a child with CF with little nose throat complaints.
Renal gravel
Dear expert team, my 7-year-old son has CF (F508 homozygous), his current FEV1 is at 88.4% and he is being treated with antibiotics continuously (cephalexin 1000mg and ciprofloxacin 250mg – 3 weeks on/3 weeks off, as well as colistin). We do an i.v. therapy at home once every year, the last ...
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