My daughter (CF, 18 years) has horrifying pain at her joints and "bones". They change from shoulders, neck, hips, legs....sometimes very strong, sometimes very weak. Now I have heard, that there could be a connection with CF. She can stand it sometimes only with painkillers. Where can I get some ...
Keratoconjunctivitis (sicca)
Is keratoconjunctivitis (sicca) in any way related to cystic fibrosis?
Dear expert, I suffer from severe asthma which has proven to be almost completely resistant to therapy. The only thing that brings relief are high oral dosages of cortisone. Lung function is permanently limited. I have about three pneumonias per year in addition to several other infections. One ...
Nasal shower after all rather harmful?
Hello, as I have again and again problems with the sinuses it would interest me, if nasal shower in CF is going on to be recommended? My general practitioner said to me that more actual studies have shown a rather negative effect, as via a nasal shower supposedly germs are flushed increasingly ...
Is a saline grotto beneficial for a CF child?
Dear experts, A saline grotto opened close to where we live [a link with further German information was given]. Our CF child (6) has problems with the upper airways, the nose is never completely clear despite inhalation with Pari Sinus and nasal wash (nasal polyps are not that big; an operation ...
My son was diagnosed severe CF form from birth. A few times he was at ICU for ventilation. Now he is 1 year old, very active, his weight is 8,650 kg, but was some suspicion that he has anemia. We used some iron preparations (feroglobine) as well as apple or beetroot juice. How to treat anemia ...
supplement to previous question concerning choanal polyps in a child
I am sorry, that I write in a such interrupted way, but I am still searching, doing tests and completing information... I performed in my 10-year-old-son x-ray of the sinuses and it revealed, that the right sinus is shadowed. For the fourth time the polyp is diagnosed, probably a choanal one. ...
polyps in a 10-year-old child
My 10-year-old son more than two years ago underwent for the first time polipectomy (choanal polyp in a right nasal cavity). Since that time he underwent polipectomy twice and right now his nose is blocked again, so I expect more polyps. He is constantly supervised by laryngologist, but I do worry ...
Anaemia caused by iron deficiency
Dear expert team, I have an anaemia for a longer period of time (more than half a year), i.e. Hb value of approx. 11.2. My CRP is usually within the normal range, but just lately is was increased. My iron values are okay, except the iron value that is 8,9, – which means – at the limit of the ...
I’m a 21 year old girl. My brother has cystic fibrosis. I’m a carrier of this disease and I’m looking up a lot of information about this. CF patients have a problem with sinusitis and nasal polyps. Is this always due to thick secretions? Thank you.
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