cf assosiations in Greece
I am a mother, used to fighting. One of my children has CF. It is still young and the problems are few for now. There are days, however, that I do not feel strong. I think why this thing had to happen to me, why must my child and my family pay for a medical mistake, how can I make my child strong ...
Siblings – yes or no?
Hello, our daughter (CF patient, very good and stable course of illness so far) is now two years old and will start kindergarten in April. We had originally planned to have two or three children. After the diagnosis about two years ago, this was not really an issue for some time. In the ...
refusal of care
My son, soon 21, takes very irregularly his treatments. I have to remind him every day and this is a source of conflict. He can be very aggressive. Apparently he does not assumes his care, does not go to the pharmacy does not prepare his medication. He refuses to talk to a professional. What to do ...
Sexual problems
My nephew is 18 and he suffers from CF. He doesn´t want to live and we think that he has problems with his girlfriend. I don´t know how to approach this problem and ask him. Is there a possibility that he has sexual problems?
Lack of Appetite
My six-year-old grandson was diagnosed with CF shortly after birth. Today he coughs more than other children and expectorates mucus. Otherwise he is an adroit and intelligent boy who runs, plays football, climbs trees and skis – all this thanks to Creon, massages, inhalation and nutritional ...
Risk behavior and CF
Hello. I’m preparing a thesis on risk behavior and CF patients. To this end, I’m looking for CF patients (or someone who knows) to answer questions, including CF patient and alcohol, tobacco, non-observance, sport ... Thank you in advance and continue to beat you so! PS: If health care ...
adolescence and cystic fibrosis
how can I help my 13 year old daughter while respecting her personality and her desire for independence. I am divorced and I live 450 km from her and I do not see often thank you for your help
Boyfriend HIV positive
Hello, I had a lung transplant nine months ago. Now I have fallen in love and my boyfriend is HIV positive. What do we have to keep in mind, and what are the risks? Many thanks for your answer!
Discuss the disease with a child
Hello. Our CF daughter will be 2 ½ years. We wonder how to discuss the disease with her, especially the CF chronicity and the long-term treatments. Is there a “standard” or recommended approach? Should we be proactive or wait for her questions? Our daughter is particularly clever and ...
Familial difficulties
Hello. My 7 month old daughter is affected by cystic fibrosis. She was operated on day 1 for an atresia and hospitalized several times, including because of "mucus jam". How could we react when the family is heartless or, worse totally fled, or strikes us as "you radicalize your words that ...
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