Side effects of the treatment against Pseudomonas
What are the usual side effects of the treatment against pseudomonas, or is there a chance that the levels of platelets will drop due to the treatment in an immunosuppressed patient?
Achromobacter and Colifin®
I am 48 years old. In November 2013, Achromobacter has for the first time be found in my sputum and also Pseudomonas, the latter for the third time (always with large year-intervals inbetween). My lung function value FEV1 was always in the range of 55-57%. Unfortunately, from February 2013 on, I ...
MDMA and E
Hi there, I wondered if you could please tell me about the effects of MDMA and E from a systems perspective on a person that has cystic fibrosis or if there were any links to literature/information handouts anywhere? I am a health professional that has recently been asked this by an ...
Cayston®, hemoptysis?
My son, 33, is told to inhale Cayston® (aztreonam) and has worries after reading the drug leaflet. He has had 3 times hemoptysis with years intervals inbetween, 2 times he had to be admitted to hospital due to this, whereby it was not necessary to intervene in the end. It is not written in the ...
Dear experts, you write in an answer to a question from january 2013 that Pulmozyme® (rh-DNAse) has to be broguht to room temperature before inhaling, therefore should not be inhaled directly when taken from the fridge. May I ask where this information comes from and why it is not written in the ...
Linaclotid in case of DIOS, recurrent subileus + addendum to linaclotid question
Original question "Linaclotid in case of DIOS, recurrent subileus etc" from 26.11.13 ----------------------------- Dear expert team, I (47, CF) have been prescribed today linaclotid from a specialized center for gastro-enterology, as I frequently suffer from DIOS, recurrent conditions of ...
Hello dear ladies and gentlemen, as the effect of a normal antibiotic i.v. therapy in spite of early great successes unfortunately does not last very long anymore (CRP increases and increases...) and furthermore my kidney values are getting always very bad during an i.v. therapy, I would like to ...
Dear expert team, I inhale for more than one year Cayston® (Aztreonam), as the company indicated 28 days of inhalation, then 28 days pause. My physician in the CF center told me now to inhale Cayston® without pause. Are there any studies, yet, if this could probably lead to an ...
Tendinitis and Tavanic®/Ciflox®
Hello, I'm a 33 years old CF patient. Since August, I react to Tavanic® (levofloxacin) by tendinitis pain under the foot arch. My intravenous treatments are very infrequent (1 every 2 years). My doctor told me that if I can not support Tavanic®, we will have to consider much more frequent ...
Drugs/vaccination during pregnancy
Dear team, I am 30 years old, suffer from CF (DeltaF508), have a very good lung condition (FEV1 115%), in exchange I have an insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Now I got to know yesterday, that I am pregnant in the 5th week (absolute desired child, husband is not a CF-carrier). Now I ...
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