Living in Morocco
Hello, I would like to join my husband who works in Casablanca with my CF baby. I wonder if my child's insurance coverage will keep going and what steps are upcoming. Thank you for your help.
Moving to the USA
Hello, I am 30 years old, I am a School teacher and I would like to teach in the USA. I will be in the status of expatriates or I'll be sent for national education. How will my health care be supported there? What should I do for my care is fully supported? Thank you in advance for your ...
Hormonal contraceptives
Hello! I (27, female, CF) use for some years a vaginal ring for contraception. My common medication is levofloxacin, azithromycin orally; tobramycin and meropenem every 6 weeks intravenously; Aztreonam and Colistin inhalatively. In addition, I still take amitriptylin low dosage and further drugs ...
National laws for CF patients
Dear representative, I know that in Italy there is a law that governs the CF treatment clinics and other aspects. Are there other similar laws in different European countries? We would like to establish an Israeli law, and for that we wish to gather all equivalent laws. Thank you in ...
Vacation in Italy
Hello, We are going on vacation for 15 days in Italy. Are there any trained respiratory physiotherapists and what about the the French Health Insurance coverage regarding the care expenses reimbursement?
Costs of genetic tests
Hello what are the costs of genetic testing for the identifcation of mutations (common & rare)?
handicap card
Hello, My son has cystic fibrosis and I want to know if he can benefit from the disabled parking card because he is a minor? Parking for physiotherapy appointments are very laborious ... thank you to the doctor or specialist taking the time to answer us.
Insurance in Canada
Hello, I contact you cause I meet with many refusals by repatriation and liability insurances because of the medical questionnaire in which I included cystic fibrosis. I'm looking for insurance for 3 months and my departure approaches: still without any assurance that agrees to take care of ...
reimbursement of care in England
My 16 year-old daughter will visit England for two weeks. According to the organizers, reimbursements with European health insurance card pertain only for health care provided by a physician but not for a physiotherapist. Could you confirm this?
Insurances and CF
Can you obtain a life insurance in Holland if you have CF?