Symptoms of baby
Dear team, By instance, a gallstone has been discovered in our 12 months-old son. The physician is sending us now for having a sweat test done. He has had a cold about 3 times, with cough. The symptoms disappeared however within one week without drugs. His nose is frequently congested. Otherwise ...
Disease on organs
Hello, Is a pancreatic sufficient child also at risk of developing hepatic impairment, or do these diseases only affect patients with pancreatic insufficiency? Thank you cordially
CF patient and hepatic problem
Hello, I'm the mother of an 11-year-old CF child weighing 37kg and having the d508 mutation. I live in Morocco. About 1 year ago, we had an ultrasound and we detected hepatomegaly. His liver measured 13.6cm. He was treated with ursolvan (ursodeoxycholic acid) 200mg / d. This week, we ...
Liver and cytolysis
Hello I am worried for my 1 year old CF baby: according to the last checkup, he has a "mild cytolysis" of the liver, he takes Ursofalk, do you think it can progress to liver cirrhosis? Thank you.
Removal of the gallbladder
Hello, can the need for enzymes (Kreon, Panzytrat etc) increase after removal of the gallbladder? Yours sincerely, A. K.
Removal of the gallbladder and digestion of fat
Hello, I have the following question: in case of a CF patient with a high need of pancreatic enzymes (and in spite of this frequent fatty stools) the gallbladder should be removed because of gall stones. Would this in addition even more restrict the digestion of fat (he is already very ...
Is the liver enlarged and hardened in case of CF and is hereby a poisoning underlying?
Consumption of coffee in case of portal hypertension (male/28-years-old)
Dear expert team, thank you very much in advance for your human efforts! I am 28 years old, male, suffer from CF and have nealry no restrictions in the daily life. I have a secondary, biliary (beginning) cirrhosis of the liver without esophageal varices, however with prolonged portal ...
Do edemas burden the liver additionally in case of CF?
Dear ladies and gentlemen, many thanks in advance for your human commitment and your expert advice! I have probably an exceptional however a very uncomfortable and important question: Do regluar self-caused edemas, especially in my case at the penis shaft, burden the liver (in case of existing ...
The pill & increased liver values
Dear expert team, I would like to know if there is any experience concerning the contraceptive pill and increased liver values in women with CF. Since the pill is supposed to slightly increase the liver values even in healthy people, I would like to know what to keep in mind when taking the pill ...