Cbd oil (Cannabidiol)
Have studies been done regarding lung function / CF and CBD oil? Why and why not / what are the possible results?
Dear reader, I have read interesting information about research on bacteropphages on Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Is this a study that is going on in Europe?
Colloidal silver
Hello, the last answer on colloidal silver is from 2014. Is there any new research / knowledge concerning the bacterial and viral fight or other usage in case of CF? Many thanks for information.
Food supplement Indeptra from USA
What do you think of this offer? The non-profit-CF research group Sharktank ( sells under the food supplement "Indeptra". Indeptra is a natural composition for CF containing polyphenoles and antioxidants. These polyphenoles have reduced ...
Hello, I know, that the phage therapy is not licensed, yet. However, I wonder, how far research is concerning the fight against germs like MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylcoccus aureus. I myself have Pseudomonas and Staph. aureus colonization, my sister, also suffering from CF, has MRSA ...
Homeopathy, probiotics and immune defense
Hello, My 3-year-old daughter has antibiotic cures (15 days) with no symptoms other than a cough that you can not get rid of (no Pseudomonas aeruginosa or other bacteria). Pharmacists often advise to take (at the end of the treatment) a cure of probiotics in order to rebalance her intestinal ...
New curcuma preparation
Hello, As far as I know, the effect of curcuma on CF is tested in the Netherlands in clinical studies. Now I have read, that a new preparation is going to be put on the market, that should guarantee a high bio-availability of curcuma and therefore should be especially suitable for CF ...
Essential oil
Hello, I saw all the questions/answers present on the site concerning essential oil and aromatherapy. However, I do not know: In my case, I would like to put some drops of essential oil on a cotton or on a piece of wood (typify cedar) in my cupboard , and some drops on a cotton to fight ...
I have been told by friends, that the course of the illness of CF can be influenced positively by high dosages of curcumin. Are there any interactions with the CF-specific drugs and curcumin that have to be taken into account?
Hello, Could you tell me if Spirulina Bio, powdered, could be beneficial for my CF adult daughter? Is there a risk of bacterial contamination with this dietary supplement? She has an Aspergillosis. Thanking you in advance. Best regards.
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