Weight gain of baby
Hello our son had a tube from June to December, but he can no more stand the naso-gastric tube (vomiting...), we have removed it since mid-December and since then his weight stagnates despite substantial eating and increase of Creon. Do you think that we should consider a gastrotomy until the ...
Cheese and cystic fibrosis
Hello I had a compost and the doctor advised me to abandone it because of the risk of aspergillus. Therefore, I wonder if I can eat cheese like Roquefort with mould: Penicillium roqueforti. In advance thank you for your response, Best Regards,
Enteral feeding by gastrostomy
Hello My CF son, who is homozygous for delta F508, has a BMI of 14 and he seems unable to gain weight so he doesn't grow: he is 15 1/2 years old and has a length of 156 cm with a weight of 35.9 kg. All attempts have failed with calory supplements (my son was disgusted or took a supplement instead ...
Nasogastric tube
Hello Our 8-month-old son has a nasogastric tube since the age of 2 ½ months. Currently, he has a normal weight for his age, diversification is well, he eats normally and well tolerates a richer diet. He is not thirsty in the day as he has half a liter of milk during the night. Our CF Center ...
Probiotics in case of long term antibiotic therapy
Hello, my daughter (6-years-old, CF) gets for some years a long term antibiotic treatment. She had often diarrhea and abdominal pain, now she gets for nearly one year LGG capsules and the problems have been gotten better a lot. The health insurance, however, does not want to cover the costs for ...
Fibrosing colonopathy
Dear expert team, I would like to know, if there are any differences between preparations concerning the fibrosing colonopathy. Before I used to have Kreon®, however had to switch to Pangrol® due to the costs. Is there probably a stronger tendency to fibrosing colonopathy when taking ...
Dear ladies and gentlemen, my daughter has Cystic Fibrosis. She has DF508 and G542X. She is 3.5 years old. We live in Santigo, Chile. She was born with meconium ileus and has been operated within 24 hours after birth. She got an ileostomy. in October, 2011, her bowel has been reanastomozed ...
Failure to thrive
Dear expert team, our daughter (6-years old, CF) refuses any high-caloric additonal food. She has a normal lung function, is stable without infections and very active. Unfortunately, she is often estimated to be 2 years younger, as she is only 106cm high and weighs only 15 kg. She is going to ...
Hello, I have a small question about the vitamins which my son has to take. How I have to give them to him? The vitamin K: can I put it in his feeding-bottle of chocolate because he likes not at all the taste when I give it to him with the pipette? The uvedose® [vitamin D]: it is a bulb to be ...
Hello, CREON ® has to be taken at the beginning of meal. I have just read that it is recommended to take it with an acid food (example 1 spoon of compote). Is it exact? Why? Thank you in advance.
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