Swine flu vaccination after TX?
Dear Expert team, the swine flu vaccine is supposed to be available from mid-October. Should a CF/TX patient get vaccinated, even though there aren’t any studies about this yet? I am quite concerned since one cannot predict any long-term effects in connection with immunosuppression. What is ...
Swine flu vaccination
Hello, should CF patients (son, 9 years) be vaccinated against the swine flu if there is the possibility? Many thanks for your answer
Vaccination swine flu
Hello, This autumn it is planned to have my daughter (5 years old) vaccinated against the regular influenza for the first time. I read that in South Tyrol (where we live) 200000 vaccines against swine flu will be available, risk patients being preferred. Should I have my daughter vaccinated ...
May CF child be vaccinated?
swine influenza reported in the village
My son, 3 years old, suffers from CF in a mild form. Now the swine influenza has been reported at a school near us (already three cases). My question: Has it any effect to vaccinate my son against the flu resp. has this to be a special vaccine? Many thanks in advance!
My granddaughter Iris is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis complicated with P. aeruginosa. What do you think about the P.Aeruginosa vaccin? It would be helpful for her?
Flu shot
My son (16 months) has a genetically determined mild form of CF. Fortunately, he is not particularly prone to respiratory infections. Until now, he has only had bronchitis three times, all of which occurred after the three shots. His immune system seems to be weakened substantially by the ...
Flu shots
Dear Experts, It is generally recommended for children with CF to get flu shots. However, my son (16 months old) reacts very sensitively to vaccinations; after every (different) one he has had so far, he contracted bronchitis even though he does not have any other lung problems. Should we have ...
Our daughter, (CF, 1,5 years) was immunized last year against the RS-virus. Since this winter we expect the health insurance to decline an immunisation (for financial reasons) we would like to know from you how important you think this vaccination is (so far she does very well), because we think of ...
Pneumococcal Vaccination
Is it reasonable to refresh a pneumococcal vaccination with CF patients regularly – and if so, how often? (MHH Hannover, CF Clinic)
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