CF and hepatitis
Is it desirable to vaccinate a CF child against hepatitis? If yes, does it mean both types, A and B? What time of the year is suitable for this vaccination? Is it possible to vaccinate against flu between doses against hepatitis? Thank you for your reply.
"Q/A not relevant for the english Archive"
Q/A was not relevant for the english Archive
Influenza immunization
Dear team members, My daughter , 6 years old , was diagnosed with CF when 9 months old, she had positive culture for Aspergillus fumigtaus from tracheal secretion(2 positives results, IgE 750 , Aspergillus-specific Ig E 3,25, normal thoracic Rx image, without any clinical signs of infection just ...
Vaccination against meningococcal C
Our pediatrician is recommending the immunisation with meningococcal C-conjugate vaccine. Is that vaccination especially advisable for patients with CF or is it perhaps rahter non-advisable? The vaccination could probably done together with the vaccination against influenza - or better not? Thank ...
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