Hello, I am now 17 years old and suffer from CF. I have fallen in love and we are just ahead giving each other a kiss for the first time. I never had a boyfriend before. My mother is of the opinion it would be too dangerous to kiss if I suffer from CF. Is that right? Best regards, A.
yoghurt at home
Hello, Is there a risk to consum home made yoghurts (because there is fermentation for several hours)? Thank you
No segregation for Pseudomonas in hospital?
Hello, a friend of mine is at the moment in a large German University hospital (with its own CF center) due to an i.v. therapy. Unfortunately, he is sharing the room - even though he is private patient - with 3 other lung patients. One of those is colonized with Pseudomonas. My friend is at the ...
Hygiene rules for dogs in rental apartments
Hello, I am a 22-year-old CF patient and I am thinking about having a dog together with my boyfriend after my studies. I know, that I will not always be able to care for it due to my illness. My boyfriend would then take care completely of the dog in such times. However I am worried if hygiene in ...
electric kettle
Is there a risk for CF people to use an electric kettle ?
Essential oil
Hello, I saw all the questions/answers present on the site concerning essential oil and aromatherapy. However, I do not know: In my case, I would like to put some drops of essential oil on a cotton or on a piece of wood (typify cedar) in my cupboard , and some drops on a cotton to fight ...
Question about food hygiene
Hello, I'm a CF mother and I have questions about my diet, specifically I would like to know if foods are discouraged for us because of CF. I've always had questions about my diet and potential pathogenic germs for me. So, I have deprived me of many things for 10 years. I would therefore like ...
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
What does the finding of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia mean for me as a CF patient? Is there anything to take into account concerning meetings with other CF patients or events other CF patients take part in?
Filter for drinking water
Dear expert team, I am going to travel to Sweden. My question: What is your opinion concerning the following filter for drinking water? [side inGerman] Can a CF patient with ...
air conditionning
Good evening I'd like to know if it is possible to have a mobile air conditioner with release of hot air. If it is compatible with CF. Thank you for your answer
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