Swimming pool with salted water
Hello Is it dangerous for a CF patient to bathe in a swimming pool of salty thermal water? There is, in Germany, a thermal swimming pool (Solymar) which uses salted (3%) thermal water. I read that the salinity of the sea water oscillates between 2 and 4 %. Is it risky to go with our child (by ...
Toilet at school
Hello At school, my 5-year-old daughter with cystic fibrosis used the toilet reserved for the adults. This year, it is not possible and we reserve her one toilet for her own. What is best? Thank you for your help.
Pottery making
Again about pottery making: I have no good feeling, even if my daughter wants very much to do it. Clay is a humid material, that can only be processed if it is still humid. If a piece in the lesson is not finished one day, it is covered with a plastic sac and is finished one week later. At ...
Staphylococcus (MRSA)
Hello, My 8-month-old son carries a resisting staphylococcus in his lungs. Is there a risk that one day this bacterium "moves" and affects others organs or that it becomes a "generalized" infection? If he has a wound for example. Furthermore, is it dangerous for the others to go with him ...
Contacts between patients
Hello, I would like to know measures to be taken when CF patients are in the same school? Thank you in advance Cordially
Basin Is it true that it is better to let run the water for a moment in the basin in the mornings in order to flush through the bacteria in the sink? Thank you for your advice on this.
Maintenance for musical instrument
Hello, I'd like to know the advices of maintenance which you recommend for wind musical instruments. Because of their price, I see myself bad adviser of javel baths. Brass instruments can be defused and immersed again but no wood instruments!!!! I have a young patient who plays trumpet... Thank ...
Sterilization of the eflow kit
Is it possible to sterilize the eflow kit with water (no calcareous) from the tub in a pan and how much minimum time is requiered to have a perfect sterilisation?
Baby bottle brush
Hello My CF daughter still takes feeding-bottles every morning and every evening: what is the frequency for change the baby bottle brush which cleanes feeding-bottles? I clean it correctly after every use but what if this bottle brush is bacteriologically dangerous for my daughter? Thank ...
Hello, As a Mom of a CF girl, I would like precisions on drinks. Indeed, we were always told to give her of the bottled water only 24 hours after opening. Is it the same for milk and fruit juices? Thank you in advance for your answer.
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