The aspergillis requires a heavy treatment. Are there scientific studies into the effectiveness and consequences of la (long-term) treatment with anti-fungal medication?
Edible mould on salami
Often one can find on Italian or French salami a powdered coating with edible mould on the outer skin. Is this kind of mould dangerous for CF patients? Many thanks and best regards, S.O.
Xolair (Omalizumab)
Hello, At the 3rd injection of Xolair, the result obtained is very encouraging. What is the expected benefit at the end of treatment (6 months)? Aspergillus IgE is 800.
ABPA and horse riding
Dear expert team, I am 29 years old and suffer from CF with a quite stable FEV1 value of 65%. In the last years, there was two times the suspicion of ABPA, as I had dyspnea, but no antibiotic helped. The blood values were never really clear, but since then I take 5mg cortisone daily, have ...
christmas tree
To prepare Christmas days with my CF girl, what is the best: a "real" fir tree or an artificial tree because of the aspergillus risk. Thank for your answer and all answers of Ecorn Cordially
Aspergillus and Sporanox®
Hello, My daughter had Sporanox® (itraconazole) for 1 year to treat the presence of Aspergillus (blood). The last two months, she showed allergic reactions to this treatment (swelling of the face, loss of hair) that required treatment discontinuation. Last mycology sputum identified the presence ...
Flower pots
Dear expert team, the teacher of my daughter put up flower pots in the classroom. Shall I ask her to put those away, due to a risk of infection with e.g. mould fungi or Pseudomonas aerugionsa?
Riding/horses hygiene
Hello, my daughter wants to take riding lessons. My question is, if she is allowed to ride also in the riding hall or it this rather risky? And what about going into the stable to the horses? Is this a risk, too? Would a face mask be helpful? Best regards,
What carpets? Kilim?
Hello, I am in couple with a CF woman, and we wonder if some carpets are preferable for inside, or if they are all disadvised? If the woolly carpets retain germs, the kilim is flat and solidly braided. But could it suit? Thank you for your lighting.
Aspergillus and cortisone
My pulmonologist put me under symbicort (budesonid + foromoterol for inhalation) because of the radiography, nothing visible. It has been 3 days since I take it but today I had the results of the expectoration exams and I see a mycosis with aspergilus fumigatus. Do I have to continue the cortisone? ...
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