Increased IgG value
Dear expert team! I would like to hear your judgement probably also your advice concerning the following situation: Immunoglobulin G value actually 2100!! Actual colonization with germs: achromobacter (2 different strains), Staphylococci. Highly allergic 17-year-old girl, also again and again ...
Forest manager
Can my son make a training to become a forest manager without worries or is there a big danger to get a germ or fungus?
Handling of pets
Dear expert team, my son (14 months old) suffers from CF. My in-laws, who are also our direct neighbours, have many animals (a dog, a cat, chicken, rabbits and sheep). My son is really crazy about the animals, but I am very insecure, in how far I shall allow the contact with the animals regarding ...
Gardening and kitchen garden
Hello, My 4-year-old CF son has no particular worry like aspergillosis or pseudomonas infection (at least for now). He wishes that we plant flowers and that we maintain a kitchen garden together. I know that the aspergillus is in the ground, the compost etc.... If my son wants to do ...
Achromobacter xylosoxidans
Dear expert team, in diverse treads in the past there can again and again be read, that a colonization with Achromobacter xyl. should be treated according to the individual course. Starting situation: my daughter (17y) is chronically colonized with Achromobacter + Staphylococcus and again and ...
Cheese and cystic fibrosis
Hello I had a compost and the doctor advised me to abandone it because of the risk of aspergillus. Therefore, I wonder if I can eat cheese like Roquefort with mould: Penicillium roqueforti. In advance thank you for your response, Best Regards,
compost pile
Hello, I read in the journal of the french CF association that it was dangerous for a person with cystic fibrosis to live next a compost pile. My neighbours just installed one, just on the other side of the fence (we have a very small garden so our son is often next to this fence). Is there a ...
Chronic colonization with Staphylococci
Dear expert team! Request for help for a very worried mother: my daughter (16 years old) had until about one year ago, a very good lung function (97%) and a very good general condition. As she is also an extreme allergic patient, one has the creeping worsening of the lung function not ...
Carpet and picking mushrooms in the forest
Hello I’d like to know what is better in a room for a child with cystic fibrosis: carpet or linoleum like plastic soil? And I'd would like to know if it's dangerous to pick mushrooms in the forest with the Pseudomonas or other bacteria present in the ground and moisture? Thank you
Working in the archives
Hello, I found a job that typically involves storing and fetching documents stored in a building and I want to know if there is a risk in terms of dust and moisture possibly due to floods in june 2010? Kind regards,
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