Visit of a farm
Hello, my son has a one-day outing in a farm with his college. His professor of biology informed me that the chlidren will spend all the day inside the farm, in the middle of the various animals, with a picnic next to them, cow milking etc. Thus my son would remain locked and not be outdoors, but ...
Air-exhausting systems, what has to be paid attention to
Dear expert team, I move with my daughter (CF, 18 months old) to an appartment, where the bathroom has no window: there is an air-exhausting system (which one exactly, I do unfortunately not know). I have already looked for adequate former questions on the ecorn-cf site, however I could not make ...
Causes of ABPA
Dear expert team, I (CF, 26, female, FEV1 about 65%) would like to ask you for your opinion concerning an ABPA (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis). Already in March 2012 I was suspected to have an ABPA, as the typical antibiotic drugs did not help for the symptoms of an infection, however, ...
Wet home
Hello, I have a little 5-year-old boy with cystic fibrosis, this summer we want to go on holiday next to Pornic (44) where my grandparents have a small house but we sleep in the bungalow (it’s an old garage). They live 50 meters from the sea, the bungalow is wet, they put regular anti-humidity ...
Hello. My 7-year-old son is colonized with Aspergillus, this was detected at the yearly blood evaluation. A treatment with itraconazole has been initiated. Could you please tell me the consequences of such a fungus in the lungs of my son? Does it indicate a change of direction of the disease? Do ...
ABPA - Kombucha fungus
Hello, can self-made Kombucha (a beverage from tea and also the Kombucha fungus) at home be envetually a problem for a CF patient with ABPA (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) ? The fungus is only be covered in a glas with a slide of paper towel. Many thanks in advance.
What is the recommended medical treatment to get rid of mold in someone's lungs with CF
Hello, We are going to move in a house that we are going to renew (breaking of walls, paintings, stone floors,....) How long do you recommend us to wait before installing us after works with our 18-month-old daughter? Thank you for your answer.
ABPA – very severe course of disease
Our daughter (eight years old, CF) contracted ABPA out of the blue in September, with a very severe course of disease. Previously (over the past twelve months), there had been repeated instances of slightly increased IgE levels around 300, but that did not seem alarming). She shows the known ...
Aspergillus antibodies
Hello, our child’s (7 years old, CF) latest blood test showed aspergillus antibodies. What does that mean, and can we do something about it? Many thanks in advance!
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