Indoor plants
Are indoor plants dangerous for my son, who suffers from CF? We are thinking about disposing of them. Could you give us advice, if we should rather dispense with indoor plants in the future? The indoor plants are only in the living-room, so not in the bedrooms. On this topic there are different ...
compost pile
Our village will hold a briefing to encourage us to make compost. We're pretty reluctant, because we believe that this process is a reservoir of Pseudomonas ... What do you think? Thank you very much.
Does compressed air dry out the lung / ABPA
Hello, I want to ask 2 questions in behalf of my boy-friend, who is 28 years old and suffers from CF. For a few weeks, he is for the first time in his life under oxygen therapy (24 hours) and has to adapt himself additionally 5 hours a day to a compressed air device, in order to bring the C02 ...
ABPA and big repairs at home
We plan to have big repairs in our apartment. For years, our daughter has been treated for ABPA. She will leave the apartment in order to avoid any aspergillus contamination. Our question is when should she come back after the end of the works: how long should we wait to avoid any recontamination ...
Aspergillus and lawn
Hello! I read that grass clipping should be limited to avoid spread of Aspergillus in air and that mowing the lawn should be avoided in the presence of someone with cystic fibrosis. Does this mean that we should prevent children with cystic fibrosis to play in the grass? Thank you for your ...
Transmission of fungi
I Would like to know if two CF transplanted patients could be girl and boy friends even if one takes a treatment against fungi and the other no.
Xolair (Omalizumab)
My daughter, who is 43 years old and has cystic fibrosis with severe allergy has been proposed a treatment by Xolair. Can you tell me more about it? Thank you.
Is allergy to Aspergillus frequently associated to CF ? Is there a link with the presence of Aspergillus in sputum ? Thanks for your response
Mould detection under the floor cover
How dangerous are the following germs that have been detected at a mould-investigation of the dry floor insulating layer (under the floor cover): Actinomycetes, Aspergillus restrictus, Aspergillus versicolor, Wallemia sebi, Acremonium spp., Penicillium spp., Cladosporium, Absidia sp, Blastobotrys, ...
Our son has aspergillosis. It has already been treated with cortisone, Sempera┬«, Vfend, the whole range. After the therapy the course was stable for a couple of months. Currently, he has an acute exacerbation. The exacerbation occured exactly one day after having been treated by the ...
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