Aspergillosis or Allergic Aspergillosis
Which possibilities of treatment are there in Allergic Aspergillosis? What is the difference between Aspergillosis and Allergic Aspergillosis?
Steam bath and CF
Should a CF patient who also has ABPA take a steam bath?
Allergy Aspergillus
My 16 year old son has CF. He is allergic to the mould aspergillus. For that reason, he has very high IgE values (8200). His lung function is poor, he feels tired all the time, he coughs a lot. He loses weight because he has no appetite. In the past, he was treated with prednisone and that ...
CF and Aspergillus
Hello. I'm the mother of a 30-year-old daughter diagnosed with CF. I wanted to ask about treatments for aspergillus infections. Aspergillus is minimally sensitive to Itraconazole. Last year the aspergillus went away after a 14-day treatment with voriconazole – we've been without aspergillus for 9 ...
ABPA and greenwood forest
I would like to ask about a relationship between ABPA and a walking in the greenwood during autumn time. I’ve had CF and last years I‘ve acquired also ABPA treated by prednisolon and anti IgE medication (Xolair). Sometimes when I am walking in the greenwood forest I wake up for dry cough. Is ...
Dear team, is it possible that I get infective aspergillosis also besides allergic aspergillosis from an old and highly aspergillus polluted appartment? Thank you for your answer.
Mould in the appartment
One week ago, I discovered mould at the wall of the appartment. In the room of my daughter. The house management treated it superficially and the wall was repapered. My daughter suffers for months of a sore throat in the morning and often of pain in the joints. We have often been to the doctor, ...
ABPA therapy - alternatives to cortisone
In case of ABPA (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis): are there any alternative therapies to cortisone? If there is no other possibility, what do I have to pay attention to in case of my daughter ( 9 1/2 years)? Many thanks for your help, Yours sincerely,
How important is antifungic treatment in ABPA (voriko)? Is it more beneficial for the outcome if it is added to steroid treatment? How do you monitor outcome/relapses of ABPA?
side effects of Prednison
When a child does not have a 100 % confirmed diagnosis of aspergillosis, how long is it necessary to take the Prednison? I am afraid of side effects.
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