Stays in hospital (continued)
Hello, I don't really understand your answer to my question because I thought my son could catch Pseudomonas aeruginosa or other resistant bacteria in hospital (because it's a place where bacteria are present) and that the recommendations of wearing masks were adressed to the overall hospital ...
MRSA because of azithromycin
Dear expert team, I suffer from CF with chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization. My physician advised me to take azithromycin 250mg daily permanently. I feel a positive effect of this. However I fear, that it comes to a colonization of the lung with MRSA because of this. Is there any data ...
mrsa and cystic fibrosis
Hi my daughter is 12 years old and has cf , in the last year she seems to be contracting and growing mrsa on her cough swabs. The first time this happened was about a year ago and she was treated with a two week course on the antibiotic-RIFAMPICIN and a body wash and nasel spray which she used for ...
Dear expert team, I am 42-year-old CF patient (F 508 / 2789+5G-A), however in very good general condition (FEV1 5.63 L. 98 kg body weight (athletic)). Besides 2 times daily inhalation with sole NaCl solution I do not any further therapies. Once a year, I have a control at the CF-center. ...
TSM (triomethoprim/sulfamethoxazole) resistant Staphylococcus
Does a CF patient's resistant staphylococcus pose a hazard of contagion to a patient with another lung pathology?
I have been treated for several weeks with inhalative vancomycin due to a sudden finding of MRSA germs in the sputum, additionally with oral dosages of rifampicin and cotrimoxazole. At the moment, the germ is not detectable anymore, instead masses of Aspergillus have been found. I have realized ...
Poultry keeping?
Hello, We have two children, 4 and 6 years old. Our little daughter has CF. We are thinking about buying chickens. Would you advise against it because of MRSA or other pathogens? She will, of course, not clean the chicken house. Thank you.
Risk of transmission (germs) from severly ill grandmother
Dear expert team, currently I am very confused asking myself how I can manage the contact between my child (CF, 4 years, Pseudomonas negative, from time to time colonized with Staph. aureus and Haemophilus influenza) and the grandmother. My mother has end-stage carcinosis. Until a short time ...
Going to kindergarten or school with MRSA?
Hello, My son (CF) is 25 months old now and has been MRSA positive again and again since he was 3 months old. There have been several eradication attempts, various iv therapies, antibiotics inhalation, and continuous oral therapy with co-trimoxazole. He is then negative for a few months and ...
Physiotherapy and problem germs?
Hello, Physiotherapy has always done me good, and I would like to start it again. Unfortunately, I am colonized with MRSA (currently only lungs and throat, the nasal and skin swab was negative). Here in my area there are only 3 phsyiotherapists who are experts in CF. One of them does not ...
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