How to get rid of MRSA
Our son (6 months old) is permanently struggling with MRSA (in the nose and throat). Currently, he is colonised but he also had an MRSA infection twice; each of them was treated by strong antibiotics. Once, there was a short-term success, once there was no success, respectively, there is currently ...
Risk of transmission of MRSA
Hello, we are a bit worried after we got the information, that the grandfather of our daughter (1.5 years, CF) now has MRSA after a long-lasting inflammation of the elbow. As we did not know, what he had exactly, he paid very much attention to hygiene in dealing with our daughter, that ...
Sanitation of the surroundings in case of MRSA
Is there any informational material (beyond the recommendation "disinfection of hands, clothes, bedclothes and daily washing of towels") for paretns of little children, e.g. in the form of check lists, how they can sanitate the home sourroundings after occurrence of MRSA in order to avoid a ...
Hello. My daughter has the MRSA and since she has it she is not doing very well, totally phlegmy cough and permanent vomiting. Can we do anything about the vomiting? As she loses also weight by this. Thank you.
Paternity with MRSA
I (male, 34, CF with MRSA and Pseudomonas colonization) will be father of twins soon. What do I have to take especially into account after birth? Just concerning the MRSA I am a bit insecure if besides strict hygiene there has to be taken anything into account. I do not want to encounter my littles ...
Hygiene, the second [referring to "Hygiene" 10.01.2011]
Many thanks for your detailed answer. But to be honest. I do not understand how it can come to such differing statements concerning the occurence of MRSA: You say: the frequency of MRSA in the standard population is however much smaller as in hospitals and lies clearly under 1%. And the Paul ...
Hello, MRSA can be as is known transmitted via the hands. New numbers from the internet (paul ehrlich institute, Germany) say, that 22% of the average population are MRSA carriers. Does that mean that one gets infected with MRSA in the short or long runs - and therefore become also a carrier? Or ...
Coagulase-negative staphylococci (methilcill.resist) were detected in the sputum of my 6 year old daughter (I transcribed this – I heard it for the first time!). Now, I read in your forum that these pathogens give cause for concern. In addition to Zithromax®/acithromycine (she takes 250ml ...
Correlation between MRSA and sinusitis
Hello, Since October I have a colonization of the lungs with MRSA. In the meantime the sputum results without antbiotic therapy or intervention from my side were negative from time to time. In the nose however, I have always very much green mucous and barks. Is it possible that I recolonize ...
MRSA -- follow-up question
[Background: the questioner's 19-moth-old son has CF; she is worried that her partner's grandmother might have MRSA and was asking for advice. Among other things, the expert recommended for the grandmother to have nasal and throat swabs done in order to rule out or prove MRSA.] Hello, many ...
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