Tatooing with MRSA
Hello, I would like to get another tattoo. I have MRSA (sputum result, no other swabs have been done), and there is no eradication planned. I have already talked to my doctor about this plan. She was not very thrilled about it but said that the risk of infection was not higher than usual for ...
MRSA- germs
About 2.5 years ago I had an empyema of the knee joint because of MRSA after an injection and had then be operated 9 times on the knee and femur. It has been treated in the beginning with Linezolid (without success), then with Vancomycin. Discharge of the hospital after 3 months. After a ...
Dear expert team, I have a tremendous problem. Our little Louis is almost 19 months old now and has CF. My partner’s family does not want to have anything to do with the disease, dismiss everything and think that if they only see him every three months they do not have to pay attention to ...
Hi Muko-team, We have friends with a daughter who suffered from CF and died. She harboured MRSA! My parents have close contact with her parents after the death of the daughter and I fear that MRSA can also contaminate me, who has also CF. Is such a contamination possible? Is this a danger for ...
MRSA and other microorganisms in profession
Dear Expert team, let me explain first that being a CF patient and social pedagogue I could work as a hospital social worker. My main task is to discuss with the patients that treatment courses are successfully carried out und that applications for cures etc are correctly filled out. My questions ...
MRSA - handling after successfull eradication
Hello, I have a question for the experts. I have been tested positively for MRSA 10 weeks ago, whereupon a sanitation with an antibiotic had been done. Now in the last four sputum samples as well as in one nasal swab no MRSA could be detected anymore. In spite of this I have problems with my ...
Hospital- and nursing staff, the second
Please see question "Hospital- and nursing staff" as this comprises both questions and answers.
Hospital staff and nursing staff
Hello, I have seen a statement in the internet (however in a not quite qualified forum) which did alarm me. A nurse states there, that about 80% of the staff in German hospitals were carriers of the MRSA. Even if the exact number is not as high: It would interest me if the hospital staff ...
MRSA and the environment
Dear expert team, in the family of a friend, MRSA was detected: 2 CF children, father also MRSA-positiv, mother free of MRSA. What does this mean for the contact to the environment, e.g., contact with families with healthy babies, ill friends (no CF) or with friends suffering from CF, and ...
Dear Expert team, Concerning the employment of a babysitter who had close contact seven years ago with a person, infected with MRSA, we are uncertain whether 1. the risk of transmission of MRSA from the babysitter to my CF child is justified 2. Whether MRSA is easily identified and who could ...
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