systematic sputum / cough swab culture
Hello, The CF centre of my daughter does not practice cough swab systematically at each visit. We are afraid of missing out a bacterium that could worsen the health of our daughter. We are in February and the last culture was done in September. Can I ask them to do it consistently? Can a local ...
Staphylococcus aureus
Hello, my 6 month old daughter has cystic fibrosis and has already Staphylococcus aureus (10 000/ml) in her sputum. Is it serious? Isn't it too early? No treatment has been done at the moment but I'm worried ... Thank you for your response.
Antibiotics only because of common cold?
Dear expert team, Our daughter (19 months; diagnosed since about 7 months) never had an infection and according to the physiotherapist and the CF center her lungs are absolutely free. Thanks to Kreon® (Pancreatin) her weight is okay as well. Since two days she has a common cold and I am not ...
CF and H1N1 infection
Hello I have CF since I was born and I am nearly 27 years old. I was infected by the H1N1 virus at the end of 2009 and since then I experience more difficulties to expectorate. Do you think that there is a relationship between the decline of my lung situation and the H1N1 infection ? Thank you
Risk of transmission (germs) from severly ill grandmother
Dear expert team, currently I am very confused asking myself how I can manage the contact between my child (CF, 4 years, Pseudomonas negative, from time to time colonized with Staph. aureus and Haemophilus influenza) and the grandmother. My mother has end-stage carcinosis. Until a short time ...
Clostridium diff.
Dear expert team, A good friend (30 years old) was diagnosed with small numbers of clostridium diff. through a stool test. During some internet research I read that these can be infectious and that they have to be considered a normal intestinal germ in healthy people. I am a CF patient and ...
ESBL – how easily transmittable?
Dear expert team, Many thanks for hinting to the previous questions on ESBL. I already read their answers, but would appreciate it if my question was answered nevertheless. I am particularly interested to know how easily ESBL is transmittable (to our daughter’s grandparents, who are at the ...
Mycobacterium simiae
My daughter has been receiving ceftazidime and amikacin, followed by meropenem and amikacin and clarythromycin 500 mg bid. Because of gastrointestinal side effects, the dose of clarythromycin was recently reduced but my daughter had to stop this treatment due to these side effects. Is there another ...
My son was born 2 months premature and he was coloniaed ESBL whilst in the NICCU ICU. He has since been moved to a regional hospital where he isolated from the other babies in the nursery. I was told today by infections control that I have most likely contracted ESBL from my son as I breast ...
Great concern – requesting an answer
Dear expert team, A friend of mine has CF. She now has the following germs in her sputum: high counts of Pseudomonas fluorescens, Burkh. gladioli, Enterobacter, Candida albicans, and masses of Haemophilus parainfluenzae. The Burkh. gladioli had been detected often before. The Pseudomonas is new. ...
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