I would like to understand and know why I have freuqently vaginal yeast infections or a lot of vaginal discharge. Is it due to cystic fibrosis ? If yes why and how to avoid it. When I take antibiotics it happens to me, but right now this is not the case. Thank you in advance. Sincerely,
Continued fever with CF
Dear expert team, our 14-year-old son has been running a fever of more than 39 degrees since April. He has P. aeruginosa, mycobacterium abscessus and ABPA. He has a port that was already contaminated with staph epidermids and changed in 2010. Currently, he is taking Tobi® (tobramyin), ...
Effective mircoorganisms (EM)
Dear expert team, We would like to use effective microorganisms (EM) in our house (e.g. for cleaning). We are wondering whether the bacteria contained in them constitute a risk for individuals with CF. Otherwise, the reports are generally positive. We are looking forward to your ...
Lab Equipment
HI I have a son with CF. We are trying to improve facilites etc in the regional CF Centre. I have come across some info on a piece of lab equipment for detecting bacteria in sputum and blood samples. It seems the results are available within 24hrs. Have you come across the "MALDI TOFF"? ...
modeling clay
Hello, As a Psychologist I work with children with CF, I question the use of modeling clay with children: is it possible to use the same clay from one session to another with the same child? Or better throw it in the end of each session and take a new, unused, at the next meeting to avoid the risk ...
Staphylococcus aureus
I am 29 years old; I am coumpound heterozygous for deltaF508 and R347P mutations. I was chronically infected by Staphylococcus aureus and took Minocycline since 2006, because of frequent exacerbations and recurrent use of intravenous antibiotic courses. With this treatment I feel very well. ...
Cystic Fibrosis-microorganisms
Dear madam/sir, I would like to know which organisms are present when somebody suffers from cystic fibrosis. Thank you!
Sick parent and measures
Hello I have a one year old child with cystic fibrosis. When the parents have a disease like rhinitis, is the use of alcohol based hand gel and mask enough?
Bacteria, contagious for a non-CF-patient?
We seem to notice that when grandma has visited our 3-year old daughter with CF that she gets worsening of her COPD or bronchitis. Often to the degree that she needs prednison and antibiotics. Is there a possible connection? Could it be that our daughter carries a virus or bacteria that is ...
What does infection with mycoplasma do to a patient with CF and is this easy to treat?
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