Experinces with a rare fungus
Can anybody tell me his experience with the rare fungus "Trichosporon asahii"?
Antibiotics therapy (over three months) necessary?
Dear expert team, My daughter (CF patient, three years old, mild progression so far with only a few minor infections, completely without cough for three years except during infection times) was just diagnosed with an acute infection of the lungs with Staph. aureus (anti-staphylolysin positive). ...
B. cepacia
Is it possible to detect Burkholderia cepacia in water?
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Is intravenous antibiotics treatment necessary for a child with CF who has stenotrophomonas maltophilia and is resistant to peroral antibiotics? What other type of treatment would you recommend?
Life span of germs
Dear experts, My boyfriend is a physiotherapist who also treats CF patients, and we are now wondering how long MRSA or Burkholderia cepacia can survive in a (healthy) lung in case he catches one of those two germs? We are afraid he could transmit the germs onto me. Kind regards.
antibiotic treatment
My son (25 years) is colonized by Staphylococcus aureus R (MRSA), Alcaligenes xylosoxidans, Aspergillus fumigatus. He has IV treatments over and over, the germs have become resistant to antibiotics. The Zyvoxid (Linezolide), is no longer effective. Can we hope that former antibiotics would become ...
Rotavirus infection without symptoms
Hello, our son (three years old, in kindergarten since August), has been having rotaviruses for at least three weeks now. It was a chance finding -- the actual reasons for the exam were loss of appetite, abdominal pain and floating stools. He does not show the typical rotavirus symptoms. Is ...
Bacterial density in sputum : is it reliable ?
Hello, What does the density of bacteria found in the sputum mean (result given by the microbial laboratory versus the lung reality)? And then, when extrapolating, is a variation of the bacterial density (increase or decrease within 6 months for instance) representative of the amount of bacteria ...
stenotrophomonas maltophilia
To which hospital can one address to?
Boyfriend HIV positive
Hello, I had a lung transplant nine months ago. Now I have fallen in love and my boyfriend is HIV positive. What do we have to keep in mind, and what are the risks? Many thanks for your answer!
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