Pseudomonas fluorescens
Dear expert team! The last throat culture test that my son underwent showed the presence of Pseudomonas fluorescens for the first time. Lung function was very well (at least the best out of the last five) and he is doing well. A while ago he had an infection. Now he is supposed to take ...
Mouth spray
Hello, after I have read about diverse product recalls of nose sprays I ask myself, if the by me used mouth spray could probably also be contaminated (I change the type according to the offer). I like to have it with me to be fresh when on travel - might it be harmful? Regards,
Visiting a saline grotto
Hello, Are there any experiences with germ loads at saline grottos? There is one around here and I think it sounds quite interesting. Unfortunately, I cannot evaluate the germ situation at all. The manager, whom I had the chance to talk to during a trade show, has never heard of Pseudomonas and ...
Long-term antibiotics therapy, what dosage? With which antibiotics? Alternating antibiotics?
Hello, at the recommendation of the CF clinic, we have now decided to start long-term antibiotics therapy with our daughter (15 months) at least over the winter. What antibiotics should we choose? Does one have to switch antibiotics in between due to the risk of resistances? What dosage does one ...
Pseudomonas stutzeri
Dear Sirs and Madams, there is a lot of information on CF and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. My son (10 years old) was diagnosed with Pseudomonas stutzeri. I can hardly find any information on this. Can this strain be treated by inhalation with Tobi®, and is eradication as difficult as with P. ...
ESBL (extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase)
My son has CF and has been confronted 2 weeks ago with the diagnosis of ESBL. Do you have any knowledge about CF-patients who got rid of this germ? How dangerous is it for the other members of the family? What about the daily hygiene...flutter, inhalation machine, WC, dishes, etc... Many thanks ...
Hygienic measures when taking a shower
Dear expert team, when taking a shower, which measures have to be taken regarding infections with typical water bugs? I can imagine that one could easily inhale germs due to the fine jets of water and the fog?! Many thanks for your answer!
Mine / flowstone cave
Dear experts, can a CF student go to a mine and a flowstone cave during a school excursion, or is this not advisable due to the germ situation? I would particularly imagine the flowstone cave to be a germ source par excellence. Thank you for the information.
Dear expert team, my son (1 year, CF) has once more Staphylococci in the throat swab and has been treated with antibiotics for this several times. My question is, where this germ can be found, as we do really have a look at the hygiene, I ask myself where he gets the germ all the time? Or can ...
Antibiotics after throat swab
Hello, I have posed lately a similar question. You have written to me that some centers treat according to the result of the swab and e.g. give antibiotics even if there are no signs of infection but a Staphylocuccus. Our daughter (1 year) still had a Staphylococcus in the swab, is however ...
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