Hello Are there cases of CF patients who, without medical help (antibiotics) were able to eradicate germs such as staphylococcus sensitive to antibiotics? I ask this because my 13-months-old CF child has so far avoided the use of antibiotics against Haemophilus and E.coli that he has ...
3 MRGN in case of CF and fellows
Hello, I (CF) have a chronic colonization with germs as most CF patients have. One of the germs is 3 MRGN and from time to time there occurs another one that is at least 3 MRGN or even 4 MRGN. In general, one separates ill people, old people, children and pregnant women from patients with these ...
Increased IgG value
Dear expert team! I would like to hear your judgement probably also your advice concerning the following situation: Immunoglobulin G value actually 2100!! Actual colonization with germs: achromobacter (2 different strains), Staphylococci. Highly allergic 17-year-old girl, also again and again ...
I have a question about the therapy of actinomycosis, that is a ray fungus, I cannot kill it. Please give me some advice.
Hello, A friend of mine works in a domestic nursing service and got in contact with a patient who has this disease. Since then he has been doing badly. He went to the doctor and they took some samples and sent them to the laboratory, but the results will only be there next Monday. Can anything ...
Testing of baby when CF is diagnosed
Dear experts, My daughter (11 weeks old), was born on the 5th May 2015 with an intestinal obstruction. After three weeks the result of the genetic testing arrived: positive (cystic fibrosis). The CF center decided it was necessary to take Kreon© (pancreatin) for kids and to inhale solution of ...
Hämophilus influenza non b
Dear expert team, my daughter (CF, nearly 3 years old) has always had Haemophilus influenzae non-B in the last three throat swabs in high germ counts. After the first finding of the germ, she got a broad antibiotic drug (Amoxicillin-trihydrate) for 2 weeks. 2 weeks after the end of the therapy ...
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus bacteriae
Dear, Can patients with CF and lung infection with eg Pseudomonas cough up bits of tissue?
Reliability of result throat swab/sputum
Dear expert team, I would like to know how reliable are throat swabs of children indeed and also sputum results of adult CF patients. We are having regular throat swabs of our 6-year-old daughter done, as we are cared for in two centers, it deals with different laboratories, sometimes also a swab ...
Acinetobacter calceticus baumannii Complex
Hello, Is there a need/obligation for treatment if very low occurrence of the above mentioned bacterium was tested? Are there certain precautions that have to be taken respective other CF persons or physiotherapists? The symptom is mild cough. Inhalation with Tobramycin is done. Is that enough ...
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