Need to treat?
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have the following bacteria: - a great number of Pseudomonas putida (I have otherwise no Pseudomonas) - a great number of Haemophilus parainfluenza - Aspergillus fumigatus At the moment I cough more and I am very tired. My lung function is stable. How do you ...
Induced sputum in baby (with additional comment)
Dear expert team, my daughter (7 weeks old) has been diagnosed to suffer from CF because of a positive newborn screening. She has no symptoms until now. In the coming week, further diagnostic is done and the beginning of a therapy during a stay on the ward. I have been told, that every 4 weeks an ...
Phage therapy
Dear ladies and gentlemen, in the past, it has been written quite a few times about this topic, but as some time passed inbetween, I ask myself, if there are important findings. My husband (30, CF), has for about 10 years the germ Achromobacter xylosoxidans in the sputum. This germ did until ...
Achromobacter xylosoxidans
Dear expert team, in diverse treads in the past there can again and again be read, that a colonization with Achromobacter xyl. should be treated according to the individual course. Starting situation: my daughter (17y) is chronically colonized with Achromobacter + Staphylococcus and again and ...
Mycobacterium abscessus - therapy with clofazimin?
Dear expert team, In 2010 I have been diagnosed to have beneath Pseudomonas also Mycobacterium abscessus. After long-term i.v. antibiotic therapies the germ was not eliminated. It causes hard problems. Since August 2014 the infections occurred more and more often and in the lung abscesses ...
Hello, in the past time, an i.v. therapy (four times in 6 months) has been done several times in order to fight the bacterium Achromobacter xylosoxidans. This has been always very successful with Imipenem/Cilastin and 3-4 weeks no further intake of antibiotics had been necessary. However, again ...
Hello, The last sputum examination for my son showed a low colonization of Achromobacter. He had an intravenous treatment but that did not work. I would like to know if you have information on the consequences of this germ to the lungs but also whether it will worsen faster his health. Thank ...
First time Burkholderia
My son, 37, has had for the first time Burkholderia multivorans 10^3 in the sputum. Besides Pseudomonas for decades. Does one observe this at first closely respectively is there any general procedure? He takes azithromycin and inhales every 4 weeks colistin respectively aztreonam alternating.
Sputum Cytology Examination (SCE)
Hello, My little son, aged 5, had no sputum culture for several months. Indeed, during the last 3 controls in his CF center, no sample of sputum was possible (nothing back). If during the next visit no sample can be obtained, what is going to happen? How do we know that there is no ...
Appeared for the first time in the sputum - where did I get it from?
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