Meaning of germs
Dear expert team, our daughter (5-years old) has CF and until now she is doing well. We just had again the big annual investigation at our center (lung function 106%). The result of the throat swab was the following: Moraxella catarrahlis Klebsiella oxytoca Staph. aureus In parallel to the ...
Hello, in my household there are 2 peole suffering from CF, one of whom has been infected with Stenotrophomonas. My question, how does the other one have to react in order not to get infected? With my best regards, K.
Chronic colonization with Staphylococci
Dear expert team! Request for help for a very worried mother: my daughter (16 years old) had until about one year ago, a very good lung function (97%) and a very good general condition. As she is also an extreme allergic patient, one has the creeping worsening of the lung function not ...
Acinetobacter baumanii
Hello, I have been informed from my CF center via the telephone, to have the above mentioned germ. It would be well treatable with Cotrimoxazole respectively with Colistin per inhalation. As I have no other symptoms except my chronic inflammation of the sinuses, that is always severe in this time ...
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Hello, We learned one month after birth that our 4 months-old daughter was diagnosed with CF. She carries the DF508 and G3272-26A mutations. She is followed up every month at the CF Center X, has respiratory physiotherapy every day and is currently pancreatic sufficient. My question is, we just ...
Carpet and picking mushrooms in the forest
Hello I’d like to know what is better in a room for a child with cystic fibrosis: carpet or linoleum like plastic soil? And I'd would like to know if it's dangerous to pick mushrooms in the forest with the Pseudomonas or other bacteria present in the ground and moisture? Thank you
Hello, My 6 year old son just had a sputum culture that shows the presence of mycobacteria. I wished to have more information on this germ and whether my son will have this germ all the life as I gather that it is resistant to antibiotics. Also I'd like to know where is the research regarding ...
Infection in case of CF, even once possible without antibiotic?
Dear expert team, my question: Can/should/is it allowed for a child with CF to get through an infection with increased cough even once without the intake of an antibiotic? There are controversing opinions about this. Some of the doctors advise immediately an antibiotic drug, others are rather ...
Correctors and germs
Dear expert team, supposed one of the new drug combinations e.g. by Vertex would be suited for a correction of the homozygous Fdel508 defect, would encourage the cells to take up their tasks to at least 10% until e.g. 40%, and would result in a similar improvement concerning FEV1 and ...
Why waiting instead of treating?
Hello, a sputum sample has been collected from my 7-month old baby last Sunday because of a greasy cough and a runny nose. Our next medical visit is planned on the next Thursday and treatment is only based on nasal irrigation with isotonic saline and acetaminophen in case of fever. I am anxious ...
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