Thorat swab Enterobacter cloacae
Hello, I, female, 44 years old, have the following infection of the throat (throat swab): 1. Enterobacter cloacae 2. Serratia marcescens Antibiotic sensitivity has been done in the laboratory. Possible are ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin and moxifloxacin. I have absoultely no symptoms, however ...
Achromobacter and Colifin®
I am 48 years old. In November 2013, Achromobacter has for the first time be found in my sputum and also Pseudomonas, the latter for the third time (always with large year-intervals inbetween). My lung function value FEV1 was always in the range of 55-57%. Unfortunately, from February 2013 on, I ...
Klebsiella species in the bowel
How can I find out why Klebsiella species have multiplied so massively and unhealthily in my bowel? Mutaflor® helps, however I fear that after finishing the treatment without getting rid of the cause everythings starts again.
infant cf treatment with colistin and food diversification
Dear doctors, My 4 months old daughter has been diagnosed with cf one month ago. I would kindly like to ask for your opinion for the following: -she cultured positive the second time with E-coli in a tracheal aspirate. We tried to eradicate with inhaled gentamicin (5 days) and oral biseptol ...
Travelling with CF to Indonesia
I have read a question about travelling with cystic fibrosis on the forum. In an answer from 2009 is was inadvisable to travel to South East Asia because of the Burkholderia pseudomallei bacterium. If available, I would like to have an up-to-date answer to my specific question. We have planned ...
S. aureus colonization
Hello, in the last swabs of our son always S. aureus has been found. Symptoms of an infection are usually not present; for two weeks he is coughing without fever, without sputum and without that he is doing generally bad. He is not taking an antibiotic. First question: is it generally o.k. to ...
Klebsiella in the throat
Klebsiella have been found in my throat swab and doxycyline has been prescribed 100mg, 10 tablets. Can I presume that they will disappear after the treatment?
Risk of lung function test
Hello, I am 35 years old and due to an unfullfilled wish to have a child a genetic testing has revealed a mutation (F508, a full sequencing will soon be done). Because of my infertility (even if sperm ducts are present) my physician initiated a sweat test. Result 46 (control area). In the ...
Bronchial congestion
Hello, My 18-months old CF boy has presented a rhinitis last week (this was a loose cough with a clear runny nose). Our physiotherapist said that supplementary sessions of physiotherapy were not necessary because the bronchi were symptom-free. On the other hand the physiotherapist of my friend, ...
Indirect contamination
Hello, We know that people with CF should be very careful about the transmissions of winter viruses and other bacteria. If you kiss someone who just kissed (or simply rubbed shoulders) a sick person (seasonal flu, sore throat, gastroenteritis ...) is there a risk of being contaminated through ...
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