Hello Afflovest® is a type of vest available for some time in the US. It seems that the use of this supplement vest of respiratory physiotherapy improves the health of users and their FEV1. How is it that we do not hear about it in France? Are you aware of the use of this vest by individuals ...
Frequency of care outside infection phases
Hello, I am contacting you to compare practice in France and in the Czech Republic concerning the frequency of care, especially nasal aspiration. We live in the Czech Rep. and our 5-week-old baby was diagnosed to suffer from CF. We have 3 sessions per day (breathing physiotherapy, inhalation and ...
Electromyostimulation training (EMS)
Dear ladies and gentlemen, Is it sensible for CF patients to do in addition to an endurance training an electromyostimulation training (EMS)? I got this hint because of my problems with my spinal discs (I suffer from CF, have problems in the cervical and lumbal spine as well as rheuma). Many ...
Hello, my daughter, aged 10 months, is Lebanese, she has CF. She was detected at her birth because of a bowel obstruction. Her pediatrician didn't priscribe physiotherapy, just vitamines. When she was 8 months old, she has an ECBC, she has pseudomonas in her suputum. Then she had antibiotic by ...
Chest Physiotherapist
Hello, My son, a 2-year-old boy, is seen in a CF center which doesn't give the same instruction as the others. In fact, my boy is DeltaF508, he has chest and digestive problems. He doesn't spit any suputum since he was born and he was perfectly well. He does one chest physiotherapy every 2 ...
Physiotherapy and hygienic recommendations at school
Hello, The chest physiotherapy will take place sometimes at school. Can you tell us the hygienic recommendations for a good chest physiotherapy? What kind of room is needed? Class room, meeting room... What recommendations are there for aeration or cleaning? Thank you Best regards
Physiotherapy differences worldwide and prognosis
In the USA, CF patients are treated from the first year of life with a vibration vest, that should lead to a better coughing up of the mucus via mechanical support. In Germany this is not recommended. Why are the opinions so different? Are there any studies/data about the question if such a ...
Hello, I have a three year-old girl, I want to use the blowpen, I think it can be a fun way to work on breathing. Is there any recommandations or is it forbidden? Thank you for your answers.
Chest strap
Hello I would like to know where to buy a chest strap for the chest physiotherapy of my young boy. Thank you.
Chest physiotherapy with straps for Cystic fibrosis
Hello, I'm a physiotherapist and I currently care for 2 CF patients. I want to know if someone has experience with (or written documentation on) chest physiotherapy using straps. I can't find anything about it. Thank you in advance!
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