Rhinitis and antibiotics
Hello, my 3-year-old son with CF has a rhinitis for 4 or 5 days; since yesterday, cough became productive, while the nose dries. He also began yesterday to inhale with Pulmozyme® (rh-DNAse). During the physiotherapy session yesterday, the physiotherapist got a little sputum, but from nose, not ...
Hello, I have a 17 year-old CF child and her pneumologist warns us about her lack of independance for chest physiotherapy at her age. What age do you recommend to learn to do chest physiotherapy alone to be more independent during holidays and as a support to daily sessions? Thank you
Chestmaster® (high frequency chest wall oscillation)
Hello, Can we give credibility to CHESTMASTER®? Could it eventually replace physical therapy sessions? Thank you in advance for your answer.
Dear expert team, I’d like to know the difference between a flutter by Pari® flutter and a Pari® O-PEP. I have been using the flutter, but lost it, and now I can only find the O-PEP on the web. Can I use that too and does it have the same effect as the flutter? I am a 24-year-old CF ...
Better lung function
Hello, I am suffering from CF and for one week I am doing with a lung trainer 10 minutes breathing exercises daily. Conclusion after one week: the FEV1 value has improved 7 points. My question is, how far can one train the lung in order to achieve a "normal lung function" again in the frame of ...
Looking for a physiotherapist in Portugal (Braga)
Hello, Mother of a little 3 and a half year-old CF girl, I would like to know if anyone knows one or more qualified physiotherapists in the field of CF in the region of Braga, in Portugal (we will go this summer). Thank you in advance ...
Hello, We are about to buy a flutter but we have seen that there are other devices especially GeloMuc®, for example. The price difference is doubled while the devices appear to be the same based on the description we found. Can you tell us the reasons for such a price difference? The ...
Following questions raised previously on the benefit of trampolines, I would like to know: at what age their use is beneficial? Thank you
Bronchial congestion
Hello, My 18-months old CF boy has presented a rhinitis last week (this was a loose cough with a clear runny nose). Our physiotherapist said that supplementary sessions of physiotherapy were not necessary because the bronchi were symptom-free. On the other hand the physiotherapist of my friend, ...
Belt during physiotherapy/inhalation
Does it make sense for my one-year-old daughter with CF to put a belt (or bandagae,...what is the technical term here?) around the thorax during physiotherapy and inhalation? If yes, can this "belt" be prescribed as a therapeutic appliance? Many thanks!
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