Trip to England
My 16 year old daughter is going to spend two weeks this summer in England in Bournemouth. Is it possible to find a respiratory physiotherapist or will she have to do the physio herself ?
Vacation in Italy
Hello, We are going on vacation for 15 days in Italy. Are there any trained respiratory physiotherapists and what about the the French Health Insurance coverage regarding the care expenses reimbursement?
CF_the vest
Hello, I am from Botosani [Romania]. I would like to ask a question concerning my 6-year-old nephew who was diagnosed with CF and followed-up by Iasi Hospital. Can you tell me please something about the airway clearance with the vest system? Thank you.
cystic fibrosis
Essence of question: Why do therapeutic approches differ so much: in some countries they use more autogenic drainage (Scandinavia) in some more "the vest" (USA, Lithuania)?
My granddaughter is 5 years old. Can a chiropractor help her? She is having breathing problems. She has had 3 visits in the hospital in the last 7 months with low O2 stats.
reimbursement of care in England
My 16 year-old daughter will visit England for two weeks. According to the organizers, reimbursements with European health insurance card pertain only for health care provided by a physician but not for a physiotherapist. Could you confirm this?
chest congestion and frequency of physiotherapy sessions
Our son, aged 5 has always attended three physiotherapy sessions a week without showing any respiratory symptoms until now (little cough, no sputum). The therapist has told us that the sessions are becoming productive and offered to step up to daily sessions. Is there any way to know if this ...
Physiotherapy student
Hello, I would like to start helping with cystic fibrosis as soon as possible and I am currently in my first year at a physiotherapy school. How can I help (internship, training, volunteering)? Thank you for your understanding.
I have a question concerning physiotherapy with a patient with cystic fibrosis. What actions are needed here? Can the patient do it at home? What effect has it on the patient, apart from clearing the airways? Thank you.
Physiotherapy and problem germs?
Hello, Physiotherapy has always done me good, and I would like to start it again. Unfortunately, I am colonized with MRSA (currently only lungs and throat, the nasal and skin swab was negative). Here in my area there are only 3 phsyiotherapists who are experts in CF. One of them does not ...
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