Respiratory therapy
Hello, Is respiratory therapy (physiotherapy) recommended on a daily basis for infants (less than 12 months)? If the child has no symptoms, what is the ideal frequency of such treatment? Thanks in advance
Liquid sputum in the morning
Hello, I am 39 yr old CF patient with F508 del mutation. I am chronically colonized with P. aeruginosa and I have few exacerbations that I can usually handle properly. Since February (and my last antibiotic course), my sputum has became very liquid in the morning, which is disturbing. I have ...
Mucoclear® (7% hypertonic saline) and physiotherapy
Is it possible to perform physiotherapy immediately after a nebulization of Mucoclear® (7% hypertonic saline) or do we have to wait a longer time for an optimal effect of this Mucoclear ?
Breathing technique for gymnastics with theraband and endurance training
Hello, Due to the helpful tips of your physiotherapist, I was able to optimize my inhalation therapy. Many thanks! Now I have a question concerning gymnastics with a Thera-band® and also concerning endurance training. Which breathing technique can I (43 years old) use under strain due to the ...
Physiotherapeutic approaches
Hello, I keep reading in American CF forums about therapeutic approaches that are not practiced in Germany (anymore?), as for instance using the Vest® or tapping patients with special percussion cups. Upon inquiry, I was told that autogenic drainage was known but considered by far not as ...
Physiotherapy with Asthma and CF
Hello, When would you inhale Pulmozyme®? I feel that the secretion gets looser more easily if I inhale Pulmozyme® first and then wait for an hour before I do physiotherapy. 1. NaCL 0.9% and 4 dr. Ventolin® (salbutamol) 2. Pulmozyme® (DNAse) 3. Symbicort® (budesonide and formoterol) ...
Sequence of inhalation and sports
I have a question on the sequence of the therapy building blocks: I first use the Flutter®, since the mucus is rather easy to loosen in my case. Which sequence is more sensible afterwards: First inhalation (with Mucoclear® and colistin or Tobi®, respectively) and then sports? Or first ...
Inhaling more quickly
Our daughter is whining and crying each time during the therapy because she is bored. She does not want to do her therapy and this is really troubling our everyday life. Therefore, my partner had the idea to mix the drugs to make inhalation quicker. She needs Colistin and Pulmozyme® (Dornase ...
Thoracic hyperinflation
Hello, The last thoracic X-ray of my 3.5 years-old daughter revealed a thoracic hyperinflation. What does that exactly means? Is it temporary or permanent? My physiotherapist told us that a belt could help her. How considering the follow-up when such a hyperinflation is observed at a such young ...
Physiotherapy and inhalation with asthma and CF
[Note: below are two similar questions asked by the same person – the answer refers to both of them.] Physiotherapy with asthma and CF Hello, In the morning, I (female, 43 years old) first inhale Symbicort® (budesonide and formoterol) to open up, then Spiriva® (tiotropium bromide), then ...
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