Physiotherapy and pneumothorax
Can you practice physiotherapy sessions in case of a pneumothorax drained? If so, can it have adverse effects (make the drain bubble)?
Furniture of the treatment room
We would like to make our physiotherapeutic section more suitable for CF patients. What do we have to take into account and where do I find information about his? How many rooms do we need? Many thanks!
Progress of CF, stomachache & physiotherapy
I follow all the instructions, but I do not know if the physiotherapy I do to my child is enough or correct. What are the symptoms before the health of my child is severely affected? Is it true that stomachaches is a major symptom? It does not happen often and I am not sure if it truly happens, or ...
physiotherapy for a 15 year old teenager
I would like to know which is the most effective and safe physiotherapy technique for a 15 year old boy with CF. I read somewhere that we must not perform clapping and shaking because they may cause pneumothorax or several other complications. Do breaths suffice? Which is your opinion about the ...
Physiotherapy at home with Mum
Guillaume, young CF patient, almost 12, is no longer able to do a good physio with a Physiotherapist in private practice. Does he have to do his Physio with his mother in the room where other parents and children are, when he is invited?
Physiotherapy: Airway Clearance Techniques in infants
Hello Our daughter is 15 months old and followed by a group of physiotherapists specialized in pediatric respiratory diseases since she is three months at home. We have always heard "she goes well, she is not congested, not productive," with two sessions per week, more would be useless according ...
Abdominal belt in physiotherapy
Hello, I have a question concering physiotherapy. Meanwhile, our daughter (2 years old) has received two belts that are placed around the abdomen and the chest (ribs). At the beginning, only one belt was used, and that at the level of the ribs. Despite explanation I am still not sure what ...
physiotherapy in CF
I study physiotherapy and I would like to get more information concerning the newest rehabilitation methods for a 15-year-old CF child. I am mostly interested in general outline of the disease in this particular age group and the best rehabilitation methods, which are available not only in Poland. ...
Is rehabilitation with Acapella sufficient or should one additionally perform other forms of rehabilitation (percussion, vest)
Should any other forms of respiratory rehabilitation be done while using Acapella?
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