Hi My daughter - 3 years old - is under good care in the Warsaw Mother and Child Institute - cystic fibrosis department. She doesn't need enzymes. Every day she takes 2 ml AquAdeks vitamins, 6 - 10 ml 10% NaCl, inahaltions from 4 ml 5%NaCl and lung clearing by hand two times a day. So far she ...
Physiotherapy in private practice
hello, my 16 year old daughter, has CF and makes her physio 2 times a week in the private practice office, where other CF patients often have appointments at the same time. I am very worried about the risks of contamination by pseudomonas. Can she do her physio with a mask? Thank you for your ...
Induced cough
Hello, I am the mother of a French child of 20 months followed in France. We live in Morocco. My daughter has daily physiotherapy sessions. The respiratory therapist trained in France induces the cough reflex at least 10 to 15 times per session. Can this cause a fragility, an abnormal growth of the ...
pancreatic enzymes
If a child (2 years old), is given his enzymes prior to a meal and refuses to eat what are the possible consequences ? If antibiotics are given preventively, should it be given three times daily or if once a day is just as good? Where can I get recent  ...
cystic fibrosis and physiotherapy in babies
How can we do physio in babies? Ours is 12 months old and complains all the time
drainage methods
Hello, I would like to ask, which drainage techniques can be used in a 9-year-old child to make the child more self-dependent. I have to add, that the child cooperates well, does not expectorate a lot of secretion even during exacerbation periods. Currently we perform bronchial drainage in ...
Re: PeP - therapy or flutter?
Dear Mrs. Koenecke Many thanks for your quick answer. Unfortunately the physiotherapists of my daughter are not agreed. In the center for CF in Verona, where my daughter is cared for, they say we should use the PeP-mask. We do this, but it does not seem too efficient to me. My daughter has ...
Hello, I have a 15 year old daughter with CF and I am interested in Acapella device. What is it? Thanks.
PEP-therapy or flutter
My daughter, nearly 5, has a stay in hospital behind her, where the physiotherapy has been shown to us. We have been up to now several times at a physiotherapist, who recommended the usage of the flutter to us. Now, at the CF center, they have shown us the therapy with the PEP-mask. What is ...
The Vest
It has been recommended to our daughter (15) at the last rehabilitation (Bad Sulza, Germany) the therapeutic system "The Vest". How is the opinion of the experts? Does the insurance cover the costs? Does one have already experience with that?
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