Hello, I have a one year old daughter. I want to ask if it is suitable to purchase nose shower Rhinoclear now or for the future ( Thanks
Massage devices
Do one has to consider anything in using massage devices privatley at small CF patients? The mother, who I care for, want to buy one for her daughter and is made uncertain from all sides, therefore I would like to hear the expert team...the device should only be used aditionally by the mother, all ...
Increased airway resistance
Dear expert, The lung function test of our son, 5 years old, always shows an increased to highly increased airways obstruction. Which measures (devices, perhaps Cornet) are appropriate? We use the flutter daily, RC cornet every now and then. Thank you for your information.
It is known that chest percussion is the main recommended technique of physiotherapy in our country. In the case of my daughter, aged 6 years and a half, we could apply this method very well so far (plus complementing techniques, such as the flutter, respiration exercises, sports). But my daughter ...
American vest and inhalator in Germany
Dear Experts, We are living in the USA and have a 12 year old son, suffering from CF. We are planning to fly to Frankfurt for 2 weeks in the autumn, in order to visit my family. We are using a vest and I do not know if we can use it due to the current difference. Can we hire such a thing in ...
Reflex massage
How is the benefit of reflex massage in CF, are there any intolerances? Is it advisable for severely ill CF patients not to do this kind of therapy due to side effects? Are there any parameters like pulmonary function or others for this kind of therapy? Many thanks.
Airway clearance vest
Hello, We have a year-old girl with CF. I read that in the USA they use airway clearance vests to loosen up mucus from airways – see description attached. „The ThAIRapy Vest is a mechanical device which uses high-frequency chest wall oscillation to provide airway clearance therapy. The device ...
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