Implantable Venous Access Device (IVAD) and sports
Hello Are some sports contra-indicated for patients who have an IVAD? I have a patient who has just an IVAD and plays badminton? Can I advise him to pursue the sport despite the catheter? Thank you in advance
Warmwater bath days in the public swimming pool
Dear expert team, in an indoor swimming pool near our home there are so called warmwater bath days (the water temperature is at 31°C). Can my daughter (CF, 2 years old) take a bath there or is it like with the baby pools and jacuzzis and therefore has to be dehorted? If yes, this would ...
10-year-old child with CF
My son has been attending swimming lessons for 5 years now. He is tired of it now and I cannot force him to go on. He prefers soccer. Would you recommend such a change?
Top sports and CF
I am a rowing coach and working on the selection for my rowing team. One of the girls has CF. I cannot find anywhere on the Internet whether sports on a high level can be combined with CF and if there are things that I should take into account. She just had her annual checkup, and that was very ...
Swimming pool
I have a question about the warmth of pool water. I'm not allowed to go to Center Parks because the water is too hot. In Knokke-Heist a new swimming pool has opened. The water in the pool is 30° C. Is it healthy to swim in the pool or should I stay out of it?
Hello my 6 year-old daugther with cystic fibrosis is registered in a gymnastic club where they use magnesia. There is silca in magnesia, is it dangerous for her lungs?
Puddles and mud
Hello, My 6-year-old son loves to ride a bike in the woods in puddles of muddy water. Is it dangerous for him? Can he play outside, the days following rain? Could we let him play on wet toboggans? Play football? Thank you.
Is swimming allowed?
Hello I am a 27-year-old mother. My 7-year-old son was diagnosed at birth for cystic fibrosis. I would have a question about the swimming pool. The doctor of the CF center strictly forbids him the bathings. You see how they are at this age: I can't refuse it to him. Measures of hygiene at the end ...
Better lung function
Hello, I am suffering from CF and for one week I am doing with a lung trainer 10 minutes breathing exercises daily. Conclusion after one week: the FEV1 value has improved 7 points. My question is, how far can one train the lung in order to achieve a "normal lung function" again in the frame of ...
Swimming with Pseudomonas
Dear ladies and gentlemen, can a CF patient go swimming in a pool if he has Pseudomonas? Thanks and best regards,
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