My son (aged 7) is due to start swimming with school in January. The pool used by the school is not chlorinated but the water is cleaned by ultra-violet light. Would this pose any infection risk for someone with CF? Thank you.
Sport therapy in case of asthma and CF after i.v. cure
Dear ladies and gentlemen, how can I after an i.v. cure work-up again the FEV1, in case it has been decreased by half. I have allergic asthma and CF and exercise on the cross trainer, within 2 months I could raise now up to 2 x 10 minutes with 3 minutes pause in between. Does it make sense to ...
Following questions raised previously on the benefit of trampolines, I would like to know: at what age their use is beneficial? Thank you
Hello, I noticed that in response to a question about pools you recommend avoiding the footbath. Could you tell me more? Can my CF child rinse his feet when he leaves the pool in the footbath, were there is a product (I guess disinfectant) to prevent warts? What should really be avoided when ...
climbing indoor
Hello, My 7-year-old daughter would like to practise climbing. We went in a room to learn it and we noticed that the air was full of magnesia. The air is renewed every night but the magnesia is very volatile and there remains always on the grips. I did not find information about the ...
Risk of infection at the skating-rink?
Hello Does the ice of a skating-rink contain germs? Or more simply, is skating-rink prohibited or recommended? Thank you very much
synchronized swimming
My 9 year-old CF daughter practices synchronized swimming for the first year. After discussion with the CF centre, the doctor told me that there were no problems if precautions for public pools were respected. However, I wonder if other children or people practice the sport and know their ...
Scuba diving in the swimming pool
Hello. Our 13 year old son would like to dive with bottles in the swimming pool but we don’t know if this activity is consistent with cystic fibrosis. Could you guide us? Thank you.
tennis on clay
Hello, I am the mother of a boy with cystic fibrosis. I play tennis and I also would like to initiate my son to this sport. However, my club includes only clay courts. Is it a danger for him? Would not be better for him to play on Quick surface (asphalt)? Thank you in advance. Cordially
Always pseudomonas after visiting swimming pool – does colistin help prophylactically?
Hello, Our daughter (12 years, CF) was three times in an open air pool in her life and each time she had pseudomonas afterwards. It was always possible to eradicate it and she never had pseudomonas again. As a matter of course she would like to go to the swimming pool but until now we have ...
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