I have a question concerning physiotherapy with a patient with cystic fibrosis. What actions are needed here? Can the patient do it at home? What effect has it on the patient, apart from clearing the airways? Thank you.
Swimming in pools
Since a year ago my child swims in an open pool all year long. Recently they started covering the pool with isothermic blankets (they spread them at night and roll them in at noon). Could this cause any trouble for my child? Need I pay any attention?
Right heart strain
Dear expert team, My daughter was diagnosed with right heart strain and I would like to ask whether this means her fitness is a bit limited now. Many thanks.
pond water
Can a child with CF play in a pond (fishing, sailing,..) or accidentally fall in the water without additional risks?
can my son swim in an open air swimming pool. He is 22 months old and last year he already had pseudomonas.
Pseudomonas colonization when swimming in a lake or pool
Dear expert team, I have CF and am currently pseudomonas negative. I love swimming in a lake in the woods or in the pool. In order to avoid false positive sputum or throat swab results, I would like to know how long after swimming in a lake or pool pseudomonas can be traced in the respiratory ...
Salt tablets
Hello, When my son (CF, 14 years old, 1.63m and 48.7 kg) pushes himself too hard during exercising in the summer, he becomes pale in the face and complains about nausea. We were recommended salt tablets. On the internet, athletes say that those tablets are not very easily digestible and that ...
Treadmill workout and oxygen
Hello! I have been dependent on oxygen for quite some time. Recently I was given a treadmill as a gift and would now like to work out effectively. Currently I am trying intervals, alternating 8 km/h until the oxygen saturation sinks below 85% and 4 km/h in order to relax (at 6 l O2). I do ...
request for information on swimming pools
Hello, We have a CF boy of 8 years. Our friends are building a pool, they ask us what is the best treatment (solid or liquid chlorine, bromine or salt) for him. Can you tell us?
Sequence of inhalation and sports
I have a question on the sequence of the therapy building blocks: I first use the Flutter®, since the mucus is rather easy to loosen in my case. Which sequence is more sensible afterwards: First inhalation (with Mucoclear® and colistin or Tobi®, respectively) and then sports? Or first ...
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