Indoor private pool
Hello, we consider the purchase of a house with a covered private pool, but I worry that this may not be ideal for our son who has CF. Can we trust regular pool maintenance? What should we do extra? Can we specifically avoid Pseudomonas? Or should we just not buy this house? Thanks for your reply!
bacteria private pool
Hello, We have a private pool. Despite the usual treatments done, I'm afraid that the water is infected, including Pseudomonas. Is it recommended to perform a thorough analysis of water before each summer through a private lab? thank you in advance for your reply
We will soon visit friends who have a new pool treated not with chlorine but with salt. They certify that their water is very clean but I do not know if my daughters (both have CF) can bath safely. The hospital that follows them has no clear answer to me, and it seems that there are no studies on ...
Safety to swim in stagnant water
I have a question whether CF patients are not allowed to swim in stagnant water. And how is it with swimming in the sea?
medicines - muscles
Hello, I am the mother of an almost 16 years old boy with cystic fibrosis. He practices an average of 17 hours of sport per week (school and soccer in club). For a while, he often suffers from various injuries, especially contracture (thigh and back). His physio asked me to inform me whether ...
CF and swimming in the sea
I have a question whether CF patients are not allowed to swim in stagnant water. And how is it with swimming in the sea?
Swimming in lake
Hello, I'm an adult with cystic fibrosis 36 years and I'd like to know if swimming in the lake (freshwater more generally) is not recommended because it would involve risks of infection. Is it better to go "off" rather than at the edge where water is more stagnant? Regards.
swimming pool
Hello, My 11-year-old daughter has cystic fibrosis. Our CF centre does not recommend going to swimming pools. Now, on the website of Vaincre la Mucovisicidose in France, it seems that swimming is encouraged for children. Can she go for example to a hotel swimming pool ? Until now she always ...
Trampoline use
Hello, Is the use of trampoline of interest in a child having chest physiotherapy? For expectoration, for example. Thanks for your attention. Regards.
Changes of blood gas results via sports?
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have started with regular sports (CF, 42 years old). Since then, my blood gas results have changed: before: pH-value 7.40 7.41 100.2 a.CO2-partial pressure [mmHg] 43.10 a.O2-partial pressure [mmHg] 63.50 Standard Bicarb [mmol/l] 26.70 Baseexcess [mmol/l] ...
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