Problems in high temperatures
Hello, do CF patients suffer from heat more strongly than "normal" healthy people, and if so, are there any particular recommendations apart from those applicable to everyone (drinking a lot, no sports outside, etc.)? Perhaps increased inhalation or something similar? Many thanks.
Scuba diving and CF
Dear expert team, I am 30 years old and have CF, although with good lung function and hardly any problems with my disease. In the summer I would like to take a scuba diving course. My girlfriend thinks it might be dangerous because I would have to rent a breathing machine. How do you evaluate ...
Pseudmonas in the snow - snow cannons
Dear Dr. Kahl, in snow cannons Pseudomonas germs are added in order to snow the ski-runs. How is the danger for CF patients? Many thanks for your answer
Pseudmonas in the snow?
Can Pseudomonas survive in the snow or can spread? Or does one not have to assume that they are there? Thanks
Which sport?
Dear expert team, I (19 years old, male) am a transplant and CF patient and feel quite well. Since I have repeatedly had sprained and torn ligaments in my feet, I am looking for a sport that is suited for me. Football and tennis would be fun for me, but they do not seem possible. What would you ...
Swimming pools
Does swimming in a normally chlorinated swimming pool bring extra risk of getting infected with bacteria?
Sport and crosstrainer
Since 2 months I train nearly daily for 20 minutes on my cross trainer. Until now I didn’t really exercise all that much because I didn’t like it. Strangely enough I now really start enjoying myself. What is best to improve my condition and my lungs? To have short duration maximal exercises or ...
nutrition and sports
My 11 year old son with CF is involved in a lot of sports: intensive hockey training (1,5 to 2 hours, 3 times a week), hockey competition of 1,5 hours and 2 times 1 hour tennis training a week. His trainer mentioned recently that he was “empty” at the end of the competition, there were no ...
Sports and CF
Which sports are not uniformly good for patients with cystic fibrosis?
ABPA and greenwood forest
I would like to ask about a relationship between ABPA and a walking in the greenwood during autumn time. I’ve had CF and last years I‘ve acquired also ABPA treated by prednisolon and anti IgE medication (Xolair). Sometimes when I am walking in the greenwood forest I wake up for dry cough. Is ...
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